K-Pop Stars Allowed to Delay Military Service for South Korea

K-Pop Stars allowed to delay military service for South Korea

As per new rule, K-Pop stars allowed to delay military service as stated by the parliament of South Korea. There is now a new law passed which permits them to do so.

In South Korea, every man of age 18 to 28 has to spend 20 months serving in the military. But after the new law, the popular BTS can delay their military service.

The culture minister of South Korea announced that under this law, few pop artists would have the right to postpone compulsory military service.

K-Pop stars allowed to delay military service

BTS member Jin states that he gets this law as like a birthday gift. The new law came as a gift to Jin, the oldest BTS member. He is going to be 28 in a few days and almost at the verge of serving in the military.

The classical artists, musicians, athletes got these exemptions from military tenure. The revised law came on Tuesday.

Ministry of Culture, South Korea suggested a new revised Military Act

The referred military service law said that the South Korean culture ministry suggested giving exemption of military service to those pop stars and athletes. The reason being that they have contributed to building a good image of South Korea internationally and within the nation as well. So, they must have the right to delay their military service till the age of 30.

BTS has been garnering praises from all over the world. Their

popularity seems to serve quite well following their nation’s legislation as well.

BTS creates history, gets a nomination in Grammy

BTS for Grammy nomination this year. They are now the first K Pop band to be in the prestigious awards nomination list. BTS’s song Dynamite got the Grammy nomination in the Best Group Performance/Pop Duo category. Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga were also in the nominations.

First Korean band to top the charts

The South Korean all-boy band made it to the singles chart of top 100 Billboard. They are the first Korean pop artists to achieve this. Also, their song reached to number one position in the chart despite being a non-English song.

The BTS army who are the fans of the band is celebrating this new legislation. All over the fans of BTS congratulating Jin through their social media handles.

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