Jason Bateman Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Jason Bateman Net Worth

Jason Bateman is a widely known name in the American film industry who starred in more than 51 shows. From comedy to dark crime series, this versatile actor is the best fit of all time. Let’s take a look into Jason Bateman Net Worth and Career Progression.

Who is Jason Bateman?

Jason Kent Bateman is a widely recognised American actor. He is a director and producer as well. He was born on January 14, 1969 in Rye, New York, America. His role as Michael Bluth in the comedy “Arrested Development,” for which he won a Satellite Award and a Golden Globe, promoted him to become famous.

The acting career of Jason Bateman started in the 1980s with TV shows like “Little House on the Prairie,” “Silver Spoons,” and “The Hogan Family.” His acting career was rejuvenated in the 2000s with his parts in the films “Dodgeball,” “Hancock,” “Horrible Bosses,” and “Zootopia.”

Jason Bateman Net Worth

Jason received numerous acting nominations. His critically praised performance as Marty Byrde in Netflix’s “Ozark ” garnered him an Emmy for directing. The show’s critics also praised his directing. Overall, he is a man of admiration.

Jason Bateman’s Biography

Title Status
Name Jason Kent Bateman
Birth date 14 January, 1969
Birthplace Rye, New York, America
Spouse Amanda Anka
Children Francesca Nora Bateman,

Maple Sylvie  Bateman

Social media Twitter, Instagram

What is Jason Bateman Net Worth?

The estimated value of Jason Bateman’s net worth is $58 million. He has net assets of $22 Million. His annual income is estimated at $10 Million.

Early Life

Bateman was born in Rye, New York. Victoria Bateman, his mother, was an airline employee. His father, Kent Bateman is an American actor, author, and filmmaker. Instead of practising sports, he remembers watching films with his father to build which helped make their father-son relationship closer.

Both Bateman and Justine, his older sister, were accomplished child actors, appearing in the popular comedy series Family Ties. Since the age of 12, Bateman has had multiple television appearances, including ones in The Hogan Family, Little House on the Prairie, and Silver Spoons etc.

Jason’s acting income was a source of support for the Bateman family. He made his film debut in 1987 as Todd Howard in Teen Wolf Too.

Career in Entertainment Industry: Main Source behind Jason Bateman Net Worth

Early Career

Jason’s early life in the entertainment industry was quite successful. But Bateman found it difficult to make the switch from kid to adult actor successfully. He appeared in a number of television shows throughout the 1990s. But all the shows were quickly canceled.

According to Bateman, this was the most discouraging low point in his career. He tied the knot with American actress Amanda Anka, in 2001. She is the daughter of Canadian-born singer-songwriter Paul Anka. Jason and his wife have two daughters. In his life, he was never accused of extramarital affairs. Bateman’s career was rejuvenated in 2003 when he was cast as Michael Bluth in “Arrested Development”.

Career Progression

Over many years, Jason Bateman has maintained a consistent and varied acting career. After appearing in “Silver Spoons” and subsequently “The Hogan Family” in the 1980s, his acting career truly began to take off. He earned significant acclaim through his portrayal of Michael Bluth in the 2003–2019 comedy series “Arrested Development”.

Jason Bateman Net Worth

Bateman started acting in a number of movies in the late 2000s and early 2010s. He made  frequent appearances in comedic parts, such as “Juno”, “Horrible Bosses”, and its follow-up “Horrible Bosses 2”. He also showed his versatility with more tragic roles in films like “The Gift” and the Netflix crime drama series “Ozark”.

Jason served as both the star and the director of both “The Gift” and “Ozark”. For Bateman, “Ozark” marked a dramatic turning point, bringing him praise from critics and numerous prizes.

Along with acting, Bateman has made progress as a filmmaker, producing and directing episodes of the television shows “Arrested Development” and “Ozark,” as well as the 2013 movie “Bad Words.” He is known for his distinctive viewpoint and talent for telling gripping stories which reflected in his combined career as an actor and filmmaker.

Jason Bateman’s Residence

Jason Bateman resides in a luxurious 6,300-square-foot home in California. He paid almost $11 million for his home, as per sources.


Jason Bateman recently spent $100,000 USD on a Tesla Model S. He also owns a $3 million USD Bugatti Chiron. His other cars are Ferrari, Portofino, Land Rover Discovery and a Volvo XC60.


Jason Bateman received a Golden Globe Award in 2005, for his performance in Arrested Development as “best actor in a comedy series”. He also received a Primetime Emmy Award in 2019 for best director of a drama series for his work on Ozark. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017.


How much does Jason Bateman make yearly?

His annual income is $10 Million USD

How much did Bateman Earn?

Jason Bateman Net Worth is approximately $58 Million

How much money has Jason made from Ozark?

Jason has roughly made around $13.2 Million USD from acting in all four seasons of Ozark.

Final Thoughts

Jason Bateman showed his potential at an early age. Yet he had to face challenges in life. However, despite all the struggles, he achieved success. Jason Bateman Net Worth and Career Progression is a wonderful instance of a person who reinvented themselves and overcame personal and professional challenges. He now has a very successful and well-respected career in Hollywood.


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