Interesting Facts About Maternity Health Insurance

Interesting Facts Maternity Health Insurance

Interesting Facts About Maternity Health Insurance. Medical advancement helps a lot to ease the journey of motherhood for every female. How good it will be if all the expecting moms can avail its benefits. However, increasing medical inflation, high delivery charges, limited means of income, etc., create a hindrance. Therefore, maternity health insurance is the best way. It helps pregnant women to avail the best healthcare facilities and delivers healthy babies. But still, many women have different apprehensions about maternity insurance plans. So, if you also want to experience that butterfly in your stomach, here are some really interesting facts about pregnancy health insurance that you should know:

Newborn Baby Cover

If you think that health insurance for pregnancy only includes the expenses related to delivery, then here is the fact. With pre and postnatal coverage, it also offers newborn baby cover for the initial days. Trusted brands like Care Health Insurance provide coverage for infant vaccination, doctor’s consultation, medical complications, etc., for the first 90 days. It helps the baby to recover faster under the supervision of the doctors.

Cashless Treatment Facility 

The good news is here! Maternity health insurance offers a cashless treatment facility at the network hospitals. Now you do not need to worry about cash arrangements for your delivery. It reduces couples’ financial burden and helps them to welcome their bundle of joy stress-free.

Extensive Coverage

Wow! Under health insurance for pregnancy, would-be mommy will get extensive coverage for pre and postnatal expenses, vaccinations, delivery charges, in-patient hospitalization, pre & post-hospitalization expenses, doctor’s fees, room rent, diagnosis, c-section cost, and medication. 

Advanced Technology

Thanks to healthcare technology! New and advanced treatment methods help women deliver healthy babies and get access to the best healthcare. Now, you can enter into a labor room without fear. 

Additional Benefits

You will be glad to know that maternity health insurance from leading health insurance companies offers you a bunch of additional benefits. A single private AC room, no claim bonanza, daycare treatments, ambulance cover, etc., are a few of them that you can avail of under the policy.  

Tax Benefit Under Section 80D

It is the extra bonanza that you get. Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, a premium paid against maternity health insurance plans is subject to tax exemption that helps you to save more. 

Top Health Insurance Companies Offer Maternity Insurance Plans

Below is the list of top health insurance companies in India offer pregnancy health insurance:

Health Insurance Company Plan Name Sum Insured
Digit Health Insurance Digit Health Insurance with Maternity Cover 3-5 Lac
Care Health Insurance Joy Maternity Insurance Plan 3-5 Lac
HDFC Ergo my: Health Suraksha Gold Plan 7.5-15 Lac
Max Bupa Health Insurance Heartbeat Family Floater Plan 5 Lac-1Cr
Star Health Star Health Wedding Gift 3-5 Lac


It is a fact that the costs of advanced maternity facilities can wipe your savings. Therefore, maternity insurance plans are beneficial for couples who are ready to start a family. You can welcome your child worry-free because sleepless nights are good when you have your baby cuddle with but not due to financial stress. So, end your worries now and get yourself ready to start a new phase of life. 

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