How to Meet Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi Personally and Face to Face

Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi

An astrologer by profession, Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi, is a well-known face amongst the crowd in India. Based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, this popular astrologer is the most sought after personality for his immense knowledge in astrology and for his predictions. He is known to have many followers, who diligently watch out for his advice and predictions. He is not governed by horoscopes but makes his own Swar Chakra while predicting. Keep reading this article to find out various ways to meet Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi for his expert advice in astrology or to hear about your past, present or the future.

How to Meet Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi
Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi

How to Meet Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi Personally and Face to Face

1. Write a letter

Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi has been keen in scheduling any types of meet through a formal appointment seeking procedure. Though a little out of the ordinary or current ways of seeking an appointment, the people are advised to write to the Pandit asking for his availability on a specific day and time. Don’t forget to provide your contact information and address as well as details on the problem for which you are seeking advice. The address you should send this letter to is:

Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi
Bharatiya Jyotish Center
G-254, Sahara Trade Centre
Faizabad Road
Indira Nagar
Lucknow – 226016
Uttar Pradesh

2. Use social media

Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi is available over the Social Media, such as Facebook and Linked In. In order to connect with him over the social media, it will be important to share information about your purpose. You may reach out to him at the below mentioned links:


3. TV Shows

This is probably the most efficient and easy way to interact and meet with Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi. He appears quite regularly on a lot of astrological shows on the Indian Television channels. ETV’s show Grah Nakshatra was quite famous in the recent years. It witnessed a lot of people calling in with their details such as name, date/ time of birth and specific information relating to the problem for which they are seeking advice. The astrologer shares his views and predictions on air and has reassured callers of good outcome too.

Though not face to face, this mode of reaching the Pandit will assure you of personalized overview to your problems.

Hope that one of the above methods yield a fruitful outcome to your issue by meeting the astrologer in person!

Article Title: How to Meet Pandit Shankar Charan Tripathi Personally and Face to Face
Article last re-published on May 21, 2018.

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