How Donald and Nathanson’s strategy works

In addition to the above-mentioned cases of wheel fairness, one of the reasons for uneven distribution of spin results is what experienced players call “the style” of some dealers who have a habit of throwing the ball and drum at about the same rotation speed. It is also fair to point out that traditionally the figure of 111 runs is too small and represents a fingerboard too small to expect an equal distribution of results and wheel bias. To obtain true and reliable results it is necessary to analyze dozens or even hundreds more of runs on the wheel in question.


Although the partiality of roulette wheels is a very rare reality, throughout history there have been many players who casually or with the help of different search methods have detected the impartiality of the wheel and used its discovery to enrich themselves. In all these cases, the sums won were so stratospheric that most of these people have ended up being banned from the casino forever. On the other hand, nothing is known about those players who have managed to find the vulnerable point of a roulette and not be discovered by the employees of the establishment.


Nor is there as yet no data on the actual possibility or otherwise of similar bias in the wheels of online casino roulettes. Since the role of the roulette wheel in the Internet game is played by a program on the server, all the possible causes listed above of irregular drop of numbers are ruled out. And, although the algorithms of virtual casinos are meticulously tested, the programs are designed by people, so it is impossible to ensure 100% that there are no human errors or other coincidences such as errors in the functioning of computer systems. The random discovery of numbers that at a particular roulette table come out winners more often than others means a worthy merit for the player, for all the efforts and time invested in long investigations. The game according to the rules of the Contra-Biarritz system turns any such finding into solid winnings. This example shows how important it is to be informed about which games contribute to wagering requirements. Playing for 1000 euros in blackjack only gave you 50 euros for the wagering requirements, while playing for 2000 euros in slot machines gave you 2000 euros. At many online casinos you cannot play with the bonus amount until you have spent the deposited amount. Make sure you are informed about the relevant online casino. In some cases, wagering requirements are based on the bonus amount, while in others they are based on the deposited amount and bonus. It depends on the bonus offer of the respective online casino and it is important to take this into account. On our page we show you the wagering requirements always based on the bonus amount.

Thomas Donald conceived the initial version of the rules of such a strategy as follows:


  • A bank of at least 3,000 times the base bet is required to play.
  • The strategy assumes that the number of wins is approximately equal to the number of losses over a fairly long playing period. For this reason, it is only possible to play successfully according to Donald strategy if the player has ample time during the selected long term and a capital equal to 3,000 base bets or higher.
  • It is prohibited to play with money from another person or borrowed.
  • The simple roulette odds are played with a 1-for-1 payout and start with a base bet.
  • In case of loss, the bet size for the next spin must be increased by a base bet. In case of a win, however, the next bet must be diminished on a base bet. If you win with a bet equivalent to the base, the size of the next bet should not vary.


It is obvious that the first three rules of Donald strategy are more related to the management of the balance in the game of roulette and the correct choice of the size of the base bet.

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