Aaron Carter Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

Aaron Carter Net Worth

Many teenage audiences out there can still relate to the albums of Aaron Carter. Maybe that’s the reason for his huge success in his career. This singer went through financial breakdowns too. So you may think, What was Aaron Carter net worth in 2022?

We are saying 2022 because this celebrity took his last breath in 2022. At that time, his net worth was $550,000. How can his net worth be so low? His success and earnings should have paid him more than $100 million. Well, there is a mystery behind it. Let’s find out through this concept.

Who Is Aaron Carter?

Aaron Carter was a singer, songwriter, and rapper. This celebrity is no longer with us; he died on November 5, 2022. He has been contributing to the industry since his childhood. Then he gained massive popularity among the teenage audience. Carter is better known for his albums like “Aaron Carter,” “Oh Aaron,” and many more. Moreover, his appearances in “Ella Enchanted,” “Supercross,” and other films are still favourite among his fans.

What Is Aaron Carter Net Worth 2024?

Aaron Carter’s net worth was $550,000 before he died. His net worth is not low because of his inefficiency but because of his financial turmoil. His net worth was over $200 million in his teenage years. But after he discovered debts and bankruptcy, he had to settle them, which decreased his net worth.

Aaron Carter Net Worth

There was a time when he used to charge $26 per month for nude photos. It was his financial imbalances that had a big impact on his earnings. Unfortunately, this celebrity died in 2022, so we can’t expect net growth from him.

Sources Of Aaron Carter Net Worth

Aaron’s main source to earn money was his profession as a singer, rapper, songwriter, actor, and dancer. These fields helped him earn more than $10,000 monthly and more than $100,000 a year. Besides, he had a house in L.A. that was worth $750,000 and a house in California that was worth $850,000.

Carter’s car collection was also a part of his net worth. For instance, he had a 1967 Buick Riviera that cost $16,500. Then his BMW M3 was worth $76,995, his Land Rover Range Rover Sport cost $85,075, and his Cadillac Escalade cost $83,890.

Early Life

Aaron was born in Tampa, Florida, to Robert Gene Carter and Jane Eleonora Schneck. Carter’s older brother, Nickolas Gene Carter, was a singer and a member of the Backstreet Boys. His sister, Leslie Barbara Carter, was also a singer. He again had a half-sister and a half-brother, Ginger Lee Carter and Kaden Carter.

Carter’s parents got separated in 2004 when he was shooting for MTV Cribs. However, he used to go to the Frank D. Miles Elementary School, and then he joined the Ruskin School. After settling down, Aaron gave about 30 cars and 15 houses to his parents.

Carter once said that his father was the reason for him to turn almost deaf. He shot a .44 Magnum which went beside his ear. He also accused his sister of sexual abuse. She died in 2012 because of bipolar disorder and she was not even taking medications properly. Aaron accused his brother as well for abusing female family members.


It was about 1997 when Aaron started his career. He tried his luck on music, and he was the lead singer of the band Dead End. After two years, he became indulged in pop music. His first appearance was in the music video “Crush on You.” This song became famous worldwide, especially in Canada, Spain, Norway, and Germany.

Aaron’s second appearance was in the album “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” which was released in 2000. Besides, he appeared as a guest on many Nickelodeon shows. Then he performed for the Oops!… I Did It Again Tour and Backstreet Boys.

In 2001, Carter appeared in “Lizzie McGuire,” a series on Disney Channel. Then he performed in an MGM Studios concert with Samantha Mumba, which was titled “Aaron Carter and Samantha Mumba in Concert.”

Carter’s Broadway debut was in a musical comedy, “Seussical.” Then he released his third album, “Oh Aaron,” in 2001. Besides, he recorded a duet song with Nickolas Gene Carter and a girl group, “No Secrets.” In the next year, he recorded his fourth studio album, “Another Earthquake!” After that, he appeared in the series “All That.”

In 2003, Carter recorded “One Better,” and in 2005, he recorded “Saturday Night.” Then he appeared in a reality show, “House of Carters,” with his siblings.

Aaron participated in “Dancing with the Stars” with Karina Smirnoff, where they achieved the fifth position. This is the time when he recorded “Dance with Me.”

Carter then took a break from his career until 2011. That time, his manager, Johnny Wright, declared the treatment of Carter. He said that Carter was going through some spiritual and emotional issues. Besides, he was under rehabilitation for one month in California. Meanwhile, he left a message for his fans, saying, “The main thing in life is not to be afraid of being human.”

In 2011, Carter starred in a 1960 musical, “The Fantasticks.” Then, in the next year, he participated in “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off,” a reality series. And in 2013, he went on the “After Party Tour.”

Carter’s other pop music was “Fool’s Gold,” which he released in 2016. Then, in 2017, he released “Sooner or Later.” His fifth studio album was “Edit

Love,” which he released in 2018.

Personal Life

Carter dated Lindsay Dee Lohan and Hilary Erhard Duff during his teenage years. They are both actresses and singers. Then, at the age of 18, Aaron got engaged to Kari Ann Peniche, a model and beauty queen. They broke up after six days, and Aaron stated that his decision to marry Kari was not right. After ten years, he dated Madison Parker, and their relationship lasted for one year.

In 2017, Carter starred in LGBTQ&A, a podcast where he admitted his bisexuality. Later on, he dated Melanie Martin, with whom he had one son.

Financial Issues

It’s surprising to hear that a popular singer like Aaron Carter’s net worth in 2022 was only $550,000. Well, this celebrity earned more than $200 million when he was only 18 years old. He once said that his parents put about 15% of his income into his Coogan account as per the Coogan law.

Aaron Carter Net Worth

After he turned 18, he wanted to withdraw that money and saw there was only $2 million in the account. Whereas as per his income records, the account should have a minimum of $20 million. Also, he owed around $4 million in taxes and had to pay $3.5 million for bankruptcy. Then he owed $1.3 million to the Internal Revenue Service. These all reduced his bank statement to $1000.

Frequently Asked Questions On Aaron Carter Net Worth 2022

How old is Aaron Carter when he died

Aaron Carter was born in December of 1987 and died in November of 2022. At that time, he was 34 years old.

What is Aaron Carter’s height?

Aaron Carter is 6 feet.

What is Aaron Carter’s nationality?

Carter belongs to the United States of America.

How much did Aaron Carter make in a year?

Aaron used to make over $100,000 in a year.

Final Thoughts

We can only discover Aaron Carter net worth which was $550,000. After this duration, this celebrity couldn’t manage to have a net growth for his death. Now his son, Prince, will inherit the amount. Anyway, Aaron’s net worth included not only his monthly income and yearly income but also his house, cars, assets, and debts. His debts were too high, which decreased his net worth from millions to thousands.

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