6 Best Royal Palaces in Saurashtra You Should Visit Once In Your Life

Saurashtra Royal Palaces

Saurashtra is a region, located in the state of Gujarat. The region is also known as “Kathiyawad” or “Kathiyawar”. This region has a large number of royal palaces which were constructed before the independence of India. Most of these royal palaces are now considered as the heritage of the country. You should not miss an

5 Beautiful Royal Palaces and Forts in Maharashtra Everyone Should Visit

Royal Palaces and Forts in Maharashtra

Not only Rajasthan but Maharashtra is also blessed with so many royal palaces built by the Maharajas before India’s independence. The Royal Families of Maharashtra have spent good amount to build their royal palaces aka official residence of the royal families. It’s now difficult for any royal families to build these types of royal palaces.

4 Beautiful Royal Palaces in Odisha For Your Royal Trip

Royal Palaces in Odisha

Odisha is a popular travel destination in India, specially among the historical site lovers. The state is a widely known destination for its beautiful royal palaces and forts. Before the independence of India, Odisha was having a good number of princely states, ruled by different rulers. Their official residences aka royal palaces now converted into