Why Students Should Play Sports During Exams

Sports During Exams

Unless you are a college athlete, playing sports might be the last thing that you may think of during exams. Still, when you are active and keep your brain filled with oxygen, you will be able to pass your exams with flying colors. Of course, you do not have to play sports when you have to write! Seriously though, the trick lies in the production of endorphins and the improvement of cognitive functions. Even if you take about five minutes to kick the ball or play around in the park, it will always pay off as your serotonin levels will always remain high! 

Why Students Must Play Sports During Exams? 

  • Improvement of Cognitive Functions. 

Just think about coordination, memory span, focus, and functioning of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When you play sports during exams, you can keep yourself active and avoid what we know as writer’s block. Of course, you may face certain revisions and comments from your academic advisor, yet learning how to process information after you play active sports will keep your head clear. As an additional solution, you can approach experts with rewrite my essay service and receive timely guidance. It will also save your time and help you learn in a better way! 

  • Fighting Anxiety. 

Playing sports will also help you to fight depression, procrastination, and anxiety that often come along when you have an exam coming up. Contrary to popular belief, sitting down and reading books might not help you that much if you do not know certain concepts. It won’t help you to learn something overnight! Do your best to keep your memory active and avoid forgetting what you already know instead. As you play sports, you keep the fear away as you let it go during the game. 

  • Team Sports & Cooperation. 

If you have a chance to participate in team sports on campus or play basketball in the backyard with your friends or younger siblings, you will also learn how to cooperate and stay patient. It will help you a lot when there is a complex grading rubric. Playing team sports will reflect on how patient you may remain during the exams. At the same time, if your exam relates to group projects, you will be able to avoid getting lost as your self-esteem will be within reasonable levels. So take your time and see how teamwork always makes a positive change in your life. 

  • Leadership Qualities. 

We might not even realize it, yet playing sports during exams and beyond also teaches us to become strong leaders as we make responsible decisions and learn how to tell wrong from right. For example, if you play baseball, you learn how to coordinate with other players and allocate your time. As a leader, you will learn to risk and analyze. When you are facing the exam and turn to your athletic experience, you will divide your available time. When you have only 45 minutes for a certain amount of tasks, you learn your skills and resources fast without getting lost. When you play sports, you also learn how to react and win in any challenging situation! 

  • Healthcare Issues. 

As you might already know, syndromes like ADHD, being on an autism spectrum, dyslexia, or even PTSD will be addressed when you stay active and keep your adrenaline level high. When you play and compete, you decrease your stress levels as your brain switches to another activity. Challenging yourself during stressful situations will always work as it is one of the benefits of sports for students. This way you can address learning challenges and increase your brain’s reaction. It will help with coordination and focus even during those times when you are already frightened or feel confused. 

It Helps Us Remain Positive 

We all know that worrying and anxiety before and during the exam can easily make us feel depressed as we think that we might fail. While the fear of failing is natural, it brings more harm than we can anticipate. The problem is that not only do our muscles become stiff, but our mental state also remains locked. In a certain sense, we need to fight the stress and keep active as much as we can. One should remember that if we help our brain to focus on competition as we play sports, we end up with much better blood circulation. As our body will remain active, our mental state will change as well. 

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