Why install Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension by Mirasvit

Any online store offers a lot of goods for sale, which may require a lot of time from a potential shopper to find exactly what is needed. The solution is to use a Magento Layered Navigation Extension to help users refine and narrow down their search quest. This tool helps users to filter out the product dataset based on given criteria and sort the output in the order he finds most suitable.

Become friendly to potential shoppers

Incorporating a Magento 2 Layered Navigation plugin by Mirasvit can result in numerous benefits for your e-business, particularly if you maintain an extensive offering of hundreds or thousands of products.

Easy product discovery

The plugin facilitates the product discovery for any potential clientele who visits your e-business website. This tool enables them to enhance their search outcomes with less time spent. This heightened end-user interaction could potentially culminate in elevated number of purchasing transactions.

Product Search Efficiency

Consumers can narrow their selection of goods based on a set of distinct criteria. They may include multiple types of attributes, like pricing range, manufacturer, size, color, and additional product properties. This enhances the capability of customers to locate the precise items they are in search of. Layered navigation saves them from scrolling through a plethora of product pages.

Out of the box, Magento does not allow customers to opt for multiple attribute values in a single filter. They are obliged to frequently switch back and forth as they shop, resulting in a poor user experience.

Empower potential shoppers to utilize an array filters concurrently rather than performing the operation one after the other. This presents significant advantages, and it becomes even more essential for stores with a substantial inventory size.

Extra filtration options

Extend a list of standard filtering options a default Magento offers. Enable customers to refine their discovery process even more with extra filters proposed by the Mirasvit Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension.

Empower your clientele to sort the merchandise by the number of positive comments. User rating is one of the most influential marketing methods; therefore it is a commendable method for enhancing conversion rates in your store.

In situations where you offer time-sensitive wares such as edibles or new fashion apparel, shoppers will manifest a keen curiosity in the latest arrivals.

Make it also easy for visitors to locate goods offered on sale or with discounts. Facilitating guests in discovering your promotions is in your utmost interest. Such filter can become a decisive factor to prompt visitors to make a purchase.

Additionally, avoid customers to waste their time on exploring the out of stock merchandise. The Stock filter stands as an excellent remedy for this dilemma, as its primary function is to eliminate products that are out of stock from the product inventory that a shopper examines.

Enhanced product catalog presentation

Increase the usability and visual appearance of the e-business frontend with the opportunity to customize the look and functionality of website’s layout.

Facilitate the purchasers in locating their favored brand names, since brand preferences wield considerable influence over purchasing judgments. Configure the special page available to visitors where all manufacturers featured in your store are gathered in one place.

Simplify the discovery of the brand names available in a store even further with a dedicated brand slider. Construct this carousel widget to provide customers with swift entry to brand webpages and their merchandise presented in your store.

Position this brand module where it aligns best according to the necessities of your business plan. Exhibit it on any section of your retail outlet or showcase it alongside particular product categories. The slider will easily blend with the frontend design theme with its ability to adapt its own size and size of the brand logos.

Fully Restyled Cutting-Edge Layered Navigation

The extension introduces an array of robust features designed to elevate the overall navigation experience on your website. Its intelligent algorithm suggests the most relevant filters tailored to specific product categories. Additionally, it empowers customers with the ability to effortlessly select and apply multiple filters concurrently, granting them greater flexibility and control during their quest for a product.

Moreover, you have the option to enhance the visual appeal of the available filter options by incorporating images, making them process even more engaging and visually informative.

By integrating the layered navigation extension, you unlock access to the best solution that perfectly aligns with your store’s preferences. Whether you opt for instant filtering or a button-triggered approach, the layered navigation extension seamlessly adapts to cater to your specific requirements, ultimately ensuring a superior and tailored browsing experience for your valued customers.


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