Which Are the Best Apps for Business Owners and Site Owners?

Best Apps for Business Owners

Most small business owners understand the need to have the right planning and communication within the company. The right work environment and business planning can save you huge amounts of money, so you’ll need a daily set of apps. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about regular task schedulers or a whole range of services like Workspace (G-Suite). Ler’s see which are the best apps for business.

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Now, we are going to cover the most useful apps for small and medium businesses. Many apps have a free version, so you can feel free to test most of them. Additional premium features are often available as your business grows. When considering new applications, take the time to think about your current business practices.

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Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business lets you sync files across platforms as a cloud computing app. A business subscription provides a lot of storage space – 5 TB is offered to workgroups (which is incredible!), as well as a basic set of tools for creating presentations, spreadsheets, data management, and more.

Workspace (G Suite)

Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a leader in the provision of services for work. It allows you to share files between PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The standard package includes 30GB of online storage per user, upgradeable to unlimited. And it allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and more.

Workspace (G Suite) benefit

It probably doesn’t make sense to present the advantage of Google services.  The Google Workspace services offers a popular selection of applications for working with documents, photos, letters, and more. Workspace eliminates the need to use different applications like GB Whatsapp apk for core business functions. It provides email with a dedicated domain address.

Skype and Microsoft Teams

Despite the versatility of Microsoft Teams, the app is best suited for video calling. Among video and chat apps for small business, Skype is still one of the best-known apps. With Skype, you can send texts, share files, share your screen with others, include up to 25 other participants, and more.

In addition, Microsoft is now offering Microsoft Teams (the successor to Skype for business), a business version of the app that lets you access core functionality in the free version and more functionality on any of the paid plans.

The Microsoft Teams benefit

Microsoft Teams is an intuitive tool that creates a productive and engaging work environment. Regular and remote employees from different regions can access Microsoft Teams from any device. The application has many benefits, the main of which is that projects become more focused and streamlined. No information is lost. Leveraging the vast set of work tools already available in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams offers an indispensable modern work tool.


Slack is an application for teamwork, sending messages, and creating channels for communication. Instead of having unnecessary meetings or emailing, you can simply send a message to one of your employees and get a response quickly, regardless of whether you are using your computer or mobile device. 

Slack is worth trying with the free version and the premium versions with additional features, especially since they claim to increase productivity by 32%. Slack is great for collaboration, instant messaging, and video/voice chats.

The benefits of Slack

  • Communication: Slack can replace email, instant messengers, and more with one application. It offers the ability to share documents and files with team members (images, videos). You can mention a person with the “@” command.
  • Reminders: Take advantage of the ability to set reminders for yourself or others – use built-in Slack or Google Calendar reminders! You can also add task lists.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an integrated messaging app that allows users to conduct calls, messaging, and video conferencing. The free platform is a great choice for those who want to communicate with their employees, business partners, or loved ones. Google Hangouts was created to enable users to launch and use various communication channels in the company’s services. Google Hangouts is available on iOS and Android and is highly secure. The app can also be natively integrated with Gmail. While Google Hangouts is widely touted as a messaging platform, it can become a complete communications system for a company. In general, this is a common cross-platform messenger. But it does have several undeniable benefits to improve your business’s marketing and work environment.

Benefits of Google Hangouts

  • Conferences: Google Hangouts can broadcast live video, allowing anyone to hear and watch you, and it gives the option to choose who can participate during the broadcast.
  • Screen Sharing: Hangouts users have the option to display their own screen to users.
  • Saving YouTube Videos: Hangouts Live can stream videos in high definition (HD) on YouTube and on your website. 


The sensational app of 2020 is Zoom. It has become a universal tool for organizing online classes, conferences, chat rooms, etc.

Benefits of Zoom

  • Zoom is simple to set up and manage. Zoom provides easy purchasing and deployment with no hidden fees. Starting or joining a meeting is just one click away, and Zoom makes it easy to collaborate and manage attendees.
  • Conference mode: Gather your entire team on video (up to 100 participants as standard) or simply make a quick one-on-one meeting.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive gives the opportunity to store files in the cloud and share them through synced folders. You can view and edit OneDrive files from your smartphone or tablet using the OneDrive mobile app. While it works for both Mac and PC, additional features such as backing up settings and automatic photo uploads are reserved for Windows 8 and Windows Phone users (which is unfortunately no longer relevant).

Benefits of Microsoft OneDrive

  • OneDrive provides 5GB of free storage and the option to get additional free storage space. Microsoft has introduced a referral incentive whereby users get additional storage for each friend who signs up with them. Additional storage is also offered if users link OneDrive to their mobile phone’s camera so that it automatically backs up their photos online.
  • Simple organization: Store any file in OneDrive, whether it’s photos, videos, or documents, and then access them from any of your Windows computers or mobile devices. The files are grouped by type, so it’s easy to find what you need.
  • Office connectivity: As a Microsoft platform, OneDrive interacts with Microsoft Office applications such as Word or PowerPoint — when launching the app, you’ll see a list of recent documents, including from OneDrive. If you have an Office 365 subscription and open a document saved to OneDrive, you can edit it in real time with other people.
  • Social media: In the web version, social media can be linked to your OneDrive account. This allows you to share files with colleagues, and for each user, read-only permissions to full access to editing documents can be set.

Any of the options on our list can be useful for streamlining your day-to-day processes. Plus, most of these apps are free (or at least free if you have a soMr. Key Shop, a Digital Software Resellerftware subscription over the Internet), and there is nothing wrong with installing them, trying them out, and deciding if they are right for your business.

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