What would you miss if you dropped cable TV?

dropped cable TV

Nowadays let’s be honest, all of us are thinking about cutting the cord to get rid of the pricey cable TV bills. And it does seem the right thing to do unless you have a cable TV subscription or something as good as Spectrum Silver package to let you be in peace and not fret. So there are people out there who would not want to cut the cord. The main agenda for those who consider cord-cutting has been the rising cable TV bills. Moreover, another factor that makes cord cutting look more appealing is the availability of all the streaming services as they seem to be providing much more content without any annoying ads intruding on your TV watching. The fact is that even though you might want to get over your cable TV subscription, you would still want the internet connection and the phone service. So if you are confused about whether or not you should cut the cord and be happy with your decision here is a list of things you need to know to be sure if you dropped cable TV.

Not a Lot of Money Saving with Cord Cutting

In case you dropped cable TV and you feel that your streaming TV plan is very cost-effective, you might want to think over it again. The reason is that those who opt for streaming services generally end up paying more for their internet. This makes sense because streaming services require seamless internet connectivity. Quite often we are enjoying discounted rates for effective internet service as part of a double play or triple play bundle offer. When you de-bundle a cable TV plan for quitting your cable TV connection, you may have to pay more for the internet speed. To enjoy watching content on your favorite streaming service, you might also need to upgrade to a faster internet plan. For instance, 4K streaming might need faster internet service at a higher cost.

The Cable is More Reliable

One of the benefits you are missing once you quit your cable TV subscription is the fact that it is indeed more consistent and reliable when it comes to signals and picture quality. Streaming services might give you some annoying times whenever the internet service goes down or during peak hours. Moreover, the picture quality also depends on the bandwidth. It might also be affected if you have more internet users at home. Streaming services like Netflix will adjust the video quality according to the speed of your internet connection. So downgrading the video quality helps to avoid the picture being stuck. The wireless connection also has a big impact on your online streaming experience. If you are using an older router or sitting at a deadzone spot to enjoy a favorite show on your smartphone via online streaming, you are likely to face buffering issues. You can also face picture quality or buffering during the peak internet usage hours of the day.

Your Must-Have Channels and Shows

Quite often we come across the perfect cable TV plans that have all our desirous channels covered on its channel list. Or even better, some high-quality cable providers allow you to customize the channel list as per your taste and choice. This results in getting just the right kind of entertainment that you want so you can make the most out of your TV watching time. In the case of streaming services, there can be some restrictions in this regard. For instance, Sling TV might not offer you channels like FOX News or CBS in some places. Similarly, YouTube TV does not have a Hallmark or History Channel. If any of these channels are on your most wanted channel list and are not offered by a streaming service you are interested in, can be troubling. Since it might result in you missing on your favorite shows.

The Bottom Line

It is all about preferences and choices. There may be people out there who are happy to be paying for cable TV while there are those who are satisfied with their cord-cutting decision and enjoy online streaming more. However, the aforementioned aspects regarding reliability, exhaustive channel line ups, or cost-effectiveness are among the few things you might be missing out if you dropped cable TV subscription.

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