What UI design trends will we enjoy in 2023?

2023 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to consider the ideas and innovations that will determine the way we design UX and UI next year.

This article will be useful for business owners, creative directors, project managers, designers, and anyone interested in UI design. We will tell you about key UI design trends you need to follow in 2023. Yet, if you are not going to create a design yourself, save your time and rely on a UI design and development company in San Francisco!

8 key trends in graphic design

1.Animation or motion design 

More and more brands are using dynamic UX design and video content in their creatives and visuals. Motion graphics help breathe new life into familiar designs.

2. Abstract shapes 

Take a closer look at the abstract shapes that you can use in your product design – they will be popular in the coming year. These elements add an extra layer of visual interest without detracting from the main focus.

3. Images made by a neural network 

Machine learning is increasingly permeating our lives, and design is no exception. The first waves of popularity of such images were already this year (by the way, we recently wrote about a neural network that generates pictures for news and leads a Telegram channel about it), but in 2023 they will gain even more momentum.

4. 3D elements 

Advances in technology have made 3D rendering easier than ever before. From 3D typography and 3D characters to complete product prototypes, it’s all possible now. Buyers actively interact with this form of visual, thanks to which you can captivate them with your product.

5. Inclusion in visuals 

The demand for inclusion extends not only to urban and social life but also to design. Ethics and a focus on gender equality are becoming important aspects of visuals, and applying this design agenda will help a brand build a good reputation.

6. Maximum surrealism 

Another trend in design is maximum surrealism in designs. Venngage experts explain this by saying that the chaotic coronavirus pandemic provoked the end of minimalist design. From now on, storytelling and creatives will develop fantasy and crazy visuals that push the boundaries of the familiar.

7. Bright illustrations in retro style 

The return of the 90s and vintage has become a trend in design. It started already in 2022 and will only continue on its way. Vibrant palettes and looks will make their way onto everything from posters to social media posts.

8. A virtual reality 

When the word Metaverse is heard from all sides, it is not surprising that virtual reality has reached design as well. Immersive UX experiences, sci-fi imagery, and futuristic colors and shades will also be popular in 2023.

9. Immersive page scrolling

Motion design plays an important role in creating immersive page scrolling. Today, many designers still focus on what order of content to use to present their customer stories in the most understandable way for users. However, the video and animation were not enough to bring the site to life.

JavaScript, animation libraries, and native implementations make it easier to create smooth animations and adjust the scrolling behavior of components than ever before. Now the content presentation can be more narrative-oriented, and designers have full control over how users see it.

The development of immersive scrolling provides many opportunities to create exciting stories. And many companies will probably use this approach, especially on the target pages.

How the UI is developed

UI is the appearance of applications, which affects the first impression. User-friendly and catchy design is always remembered. It is more pleasant for users to interact with the application, as Dworkz mentions.

Doing preliminary research

The interface design process should start with analytics. The key tasks are as follows:

  • identify the problem that the annex will address;
  • understand the target audience, their goals, motivation, and lifestyle, as well as experience in problem-solving and interaction with similar applications;
  • to find out how the competitors are solving this problem and what can be improved.

Creating a UX 

Based on the collected information, analysts work out user scenarios, and UX UI designers create a user journey map. Usually, the key tool at this stage is the mind map, which is also a functionality map or mind map.  

A mind map is a schematic representation of all product features and navigation between them. Mind-map allows you to see the entire route of user interaction with the application, which is very convenient because designers are faced with the task of simplifying navigation.

Working on the first layouts 

Once the feature map is approved, work begins on wireframes and a rough outline of the structure and content of the product.

Wireframes are needed to work out the navigation in more detail, think over the location of the main elements on the application screens, and understand how the user will interact with these elements.

Making a concept for a customer

This stage is not present in every agency, but we have experimentally come to the fact that the concept is the best way to approve the design of the future application.

The concept presentation presents several key screens already embodied in the graphics. That is, during the work on the concept, the basis of the UI design of the whole application is laid. At this stage, Dworkz also creates UI kits from key interface elements (buttons, icons, widgets, indicators, and templates). This useful practice subsequently greatly facilitates the work of developers and saves the budget of the startup.

Drawing UI design of the whole application

Color schemes and fonts are usually approved with the concept. All of this should then be scaled to the rest of the application and improved, such as drawing icons or illustrations. Do not forget that UI design should also take into account user preferences.

Summing it up

In this cutting-edge world, with the daily development of design technology, new UX design trends are emerging. UX and UI design are the most important factors in driving more visitors to a website. Luckily, Dworkz can quickly help with this.

It doesn’t matter if your product is valuable and useful. If the UX/UI design is bad and outdated, you won’t get the traffic you want. In the emerging market of contemporary design, it is essential to keep up-to-date with design trends. Without following new UX/UI design trends, you will not be able to effectively compete with your competitors. That’s what, in this article, we have discussed a few UX design trends to look out for in 2023.

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