What is the Eligibility Criteria for JIRA Training?

JIRA is an important project management tool that helps in streamlining the operational workflow and assists agile software development teams in organising tasks, managing test cycles, tracking progress, tracking issues and bugs etc. It is crucial to learn the JIRA tool to effectively manage different types of projects to ensure their success. JIRA tool is easy to learn, and JIRA training makes the learning process fun, quick, easy, and effective by helping to build and develop all the necessary conceptual and practical skills to become a JIRA expert.

Specific Requirements For Enrolling In The Course

  1. Any individual whether fresher or graduate in any discipline or with an IT /non-IT job is welcome to take the course, thus, there is no strict eligibility rule.
  2. JIRA training is beneficial for individuals who want to learn JIRA from the very basic step or who wish to polish or upgrade their skills in using the JIRA tool and its different components to gain proficiency in JIRA.
  3. Ambitious professionals like developers, quality assurance engineers etc. using agile methodology for their projects or students who wish to build a career as JIRA-certified professionals are eligible for JIRA training.

Details of JIRA course- its mode, agenda, about the trainers

Online JIRA training course gives the students or working professionals the flexibility to learn the tool from the comforts of their home/office with the added benefit of contacting the JIRA expert trainers anytime to resolve queries or confusion. JIRA live training is an easy-to-understand full-fledged course in the field of IT that encompasses all the fundamentals of JIRA tool and slowly progresses to cover concepts of task management, issue management, creation of boards, reports generation etc. along with several hours of lab sessions for gaining hands-on experience, thus, providing in-depth knowledge and expertise to comfortably manage the JIRA tool and Its varied components. The online JIRA training led by highly qualified, certified and experienced trainers is a student-friendly course that has no-prerequisite requirements. All the course material for developing conceptual knowledge is provided online along with server access with utilities equipped for the students to build their practical experience. Online JIRA training allows the students to access study material, even after the course completion. If any class is missed, the students can access the recorded training videos and clarify their doubts with licensed trainers later on.

How to become a certified expert?

Now the question arises- Is an exam necessary to get the JIRA certification? Yes, it is very important to take the Examination to get the JIRA certification upon course completion. Certification is necessary as certified JIRA experts are given preference over non-certified individuals and an exam is required for certification. The exam is conducted in an online mode that makes it easy for the students or professionals to take the exam from the comfort of their home/office using the internet. The one-time exam fees are included in the JIRA training fees. The test starts as per the scheduled time and if missed, can be retaken after repayment of the exam fees. In some genuine cases, the examinee can be exempted from the exam fees repayment, after proper verification.


JIRA training from an acclaimed institute helps individuals in becoming JIRA experts with certification for landing jobs as JIRA developers, admins, and engineers, etc. and opens many more doors to employment opportunities with impressive pay packages. You can also take JIRA traininmg at online platform, JIRA online courtse is one of them. Because it enables people to work from home, online education is one of the most popular choices today. It’s an excellent option to acquire a degree from home and study whenever you have free time because not everyone can travel to school in person. If you have kids or are older and need to earn some money to pay for school, this is especially helpful.

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