What is the Best Time of Day to Take HHC Gummies?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) has quickly become a popular cannabinoid. Roger Adams synthesized it in the 1940s, but it didn’t become commercially available until recently. It provides an intoxicating high similar to what one gets from the delta-9-THC found in marijuana. However, this high is about 70-80% as potent.

This milder level of intoxication means you’re likelier to function reasonably well while using HHC gummies. That is, as long as you use a sensible amount. We should also point out that you should never use HHC before or during work hours, nor should you ever operate heavy machinery while high on the cannabinoid.

Therefore, when you see HHC gummies for sale and intend to buy and use them, you must decide on the right time to do so. Should you consume them in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Let’s find out!

You Should Consume HHC Gummies in the…

Morning, but only on a day off! If you’re familiar with “wake and bake” marijuana strains, you’ll know the benefits of using an uplifting cannabinoid early in the day. HHC gummies are an extremely convenient way to consume this compound. You can have one with your morning coffee or blend it with your fruit smoothie.

Users often find that initially, HHC provides a spike in energy. Some people even use it before going to the gym. Of course, the wisdom of being intoxicated while slinging heavy dumbbells or barbells around is open to question! A slightly more sensible exercise option is to run in a local park.

In general, you can expect a euphoric high. If you feel down that morning, HHC can perk up your mood gradually. By the peak of the high, you’ll begin to see the bright side of things. It is certainly worth going for a walk after using HHC gummies. You may notice scents, sounds, and sights that eluded you before as the wonders of nature become readily apparent.

Furthermore, you’ll likely feel a decrease in stress levels. While there’s a lot to be said for releasing tension in the evening, one could argue it is better to do so as early as possible. Through this process, you can have a genuinely enjoyable day with the world’s weight lifted from your shoulders.

Can I Use HHC Gummies at Any Other Time?


Absolutely! It is not feasible for many people to consume HHC in the morning. For one thing, most people have to go to work! Commuting while high is illegal and dangerous, for a start! Then there’s the small matter of being fired if you’re found to be intoxicated at work.

Others may not enjoy the feeling of intoxication so early in the day. Therefore, you may derive greater benefits from using HHC gummies in the afternoon, evening, or just before bed. However, while some people claim the cannabinoid helps them sleep, it is more likely to provide an energy boost at a time you don’t want it.

Therefore, consuming it at least a few hours before bed is more advisable. After all, it can take 1-2 hours for the high from HHC edibles to have an effect. Time it right, and you’ll get the energy boost out of the way before bedtime. In addition, you enjoy an elevated mood and reduced stress and anxiety, which may improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

For some users, HHC gummies help reduce inflammation and pain, which would normally keep them awake at night.

Final Thoughts on the Best Time to Use HHC Gummies

Fans of HHC gummies believe that the morning is typically the best time to use the product. They experience an improvement in mood and a burst of energy that gets them through the early part of the day. What could be better than starting a day with a smile on your face that seems to stay there for hours?

Of course, getting high so early in the day is not always practical or desirable. Therefore, feel free to try HHC gummies a little later on. However, try to do so a few hours before bed. If you take HHC right before sleep, the initial energy burst might keep you awake. 


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