What Are the Most Important Features You Need to Look For While Purchasing Bartender Shoes?

After you complete your very first shift as a bartender, you will realize the importance of purchasing high-quality bartender shoes. Unlike the other types of sneakers or heels, the bartender shoes are extremely different. It doesn’t matter whether you make the drinks from the other side of the corner or serve the drinks to the tables, you should never overlook the importance of bartending shoes. Even though these shoes might not be as eye-catching and designed as the sneakers, their comfort, and capability at supporting your heels and ankle are undoubtedly better. 

But choosing the perfect bartender shoes might prove a time-consuming as well as daunting task, especially when you’re planning to purchase these shoes for the first time. Apart from choosing shoes that complement your dressing senses and the overall vibe of the bar, the shoes also need to be comfortable and capable of supporting your feet properly. Here are a couple of important features you need to look for while purchasing bartender shoes. 

Structure and Support 

Remember that the best shoes for waitresses will always provide structure and support to the bartenders and other restaurant staff. 

While purchasing bartender shoes, you need to look at whether they are capable of providing great arch support or not. If you have problems in your ankles such as plantar fasciitis, you might require softer arch cushions. If you want to be more comfortable while also preventing foot problems from occurring, you need to pay close attention to the cushioning of the shoes. 

You also need to test the support of the shoes around your ankle. High-quality bartender shoes will feature padded collars which will provide great support to your ankle. This way you will be able to avoid ankle sprain or ankle twists. The soles of the shoes also need to feature shock absorption so that they can minimize foot fatigue. 

Water Resistance 

This is another important feature you need to look for while purchasing bartender shoes. Remember that while making or serving drinks, occasional spillage might occur. If the drinks spill on the concrete floor, you can easily clean the floor without any problems. But what happens when the drink spills on your shoes?

This is why, choosing water-resistant bartender shoes is extremely important. If you want to keep your feet dry, make sure you consider the materials of the bartender shoes and determine whether they feature water-resistant properties or not. 

Additionally, water-resistant bartender shoes don’t require excess care and maintenance. The interior of the shoes will stay dry no matter the amount of spillage. As per Michigan Foot, drying your feet daily is important.


This is one of the most important things you should look for while purchasing bartender shoes. When you wear your shoes for long hours, your feet will start sweating which will build moisture. If you don’t want to face such an uncomfortable situation, choose bartender shoes that come with proper ventilation properties. These shoes will prevent your feet from sweating. Not to mention, your feet will also remain cooler. 

Choosing bartender shoes that are breathable and water-resistant will undoubtedly prove beneficial. 


These are the most important features you need to look for in bartender shoes. What are your thoughts? Consider expressing your opinion in the comment box below. 


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