What Are Exotic Bets In Horse Racing?

Exotic Bets

Even though horse racing isn’t in the top 10 most-watched sport in the world, the situation is different when it comes to betting. In most countries where horse racing is popular like the United States and the United Kingdom, horse racing is in the top three places that people like to place Exotic Bets  with sbobet.

Why is horse racing and Online Cricket Betting ID  popular sport for bettors? Horse racing always had close relations to betting that dates back to the beginnings of the sport. Back in the days, it all started when people started organizing horse racing events and allowed people to place money on the winner.

One of the reasons why horse racing is very popular with bettors has to do with the huge payouts that are not common in other sports. Apart from the traditional bets, horse racing also features exotic bets that provide huge payouts.

Although exotic bets have bigger risks, they come with big rewards. The ability to make a lot of money in a short period of time makes exotic bets very popular among horse racing enthusiasts.

What Are Exotic Bets in Horse Racing?

In order to learn more about the system behind horse racing betting and exotic payouts, we have to dig a bit deeper into the subject. 

When it comes to exotic wagers in horse racing, there are two basic groups of wagers available, such as single-horse bets also known as ‘straight bets’. These are the most common types of bets and the most popular are win, place, and show

Exotic bets on the other hand allow you to go beyond picking multiple horses on your bets. 

The most popular exotic bets include are:

  • Exacta
  • Trifecta
  • Superfecta

There are other exotic bets like Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, and others. 

The difference between straight and exotic bets is huge. Straight bets are better for a long-term strategy since they are easier to win but usually have lower payouts. In comparison, exotic bets provide significantly bigger payouts, but they are much harder bets to hit.

Types of Exotic Wagers


This wager allows you to pick the first two in the official order of finish in one racing event, like the Kentucky Derby. You can check here how is the handicapped for this event here: https://www.twinspires.com/kentuckyderby/handicapping 

They are presented in a form of two numbers that indicate the horse and the position. For example, 2- exacta means that #2 will finish first and #4 will finish second.

This is the most popular exotic type of bet, maybe because it is the easiest to understand by beginners. Additionally, exactas offer a better chance for winning the bet compared to other exotic bets.


Trifectas or also referred to as ‘triple’ or a ‘big triple’ features the same concept as exactas but you have to choose the position of the top three horses. To win trifectas you need to choose the exact order in a single race. 

For example, 3-5-1 means that #3 will finish first, #5 will finish second and #1 will finish third.

Trifectas provide significantly less chance of winning since you need to be very lucky to pick the first three horses in exact order.


Superfectas is the most ambitious exotic bet in horse racing that enables you to choose the first four horses in exact order. Since it is quite difficult to win this bet, the odds are amazing and you’ll end up winning money if somehow you get them right.

They work with the same principles as the other two, for example, a 4-7-2-5 bet would mean that #4 will finish first, #7 will finish second, #2 will finish third and #5 will finish fourth. Superfectas offers the biggest payout in horse racing betting.

Other Types of Exotic Bets

Daily Double

The daily double is another exotic horse racing bet that starts to gain popularity. This bet enables you to choose the winners of two races in a row. For example, a 4-2 Double Bet means that in the first race will win #4, and in the second race will win #2 in a particular race track program.

Pick 3s, Pick 4s, and so on…

Pick bets are quite straightforward and work in addition to the Daily Double bet. Whatever the number of the bet is, that is how many winners you can pick in a row.


Exotic bets are perfect for spicing things up and making the entire process more interesting. 

However, make sure to plan your budget since exotic bets are harder to hit but the high payouts may be hard to resist. 

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