11 Best Tourist Places in Wankaner For Travel & Tourism

Wankaner Palace

Saurashtra (also known as Kathiyawad) is one of the best regions for travellers across India. There are a lot of travel attractions in the Saurashtra region, which has a significant value in the history. The beautiful religious places, traditional fares, ceramic zone (industrial zone), beautiful hills, Royal Palaces of Maharajas and many more. These are the key attractions for any tourists in the city. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best tourist places in Wankaner. So, let’s read!

11 Best Tourist Places in Wankaner For Travel & Tourism

1. Ranjit Vilas Palace – Official Residence of Maharaja

The Ranjit Vilas Palace is one of the most beautiful royal palaces in the country. It is the official residence of His Highness the Maharaja of Wankaner. It is situated in the beautiful hills of the city. The Wankaner State was getting 11 gun salute as the honour before the Independence of India. This royal residency/palace named as Ranjit Vilas Palace due to Jamnagar’s Maharaja. He was the friend of Wankaner’s Maharaja. To give him honour and respect, Wankaner State named the royal palace Ranjit Vilas Palace.

Ranjit Vilas Palace, Wankaner
Ranjit Vilas Palace, Wankaner

2. Beautiful Hills

Wankaner has beautiful hills, which attracts the weekend tourist as well as a regular tourist towards the city. The Gayatri Mandir (Gayatri Temple) was built up at the top of the hills. The Search Tower is also one of the most popular travel attractions in the city. Local people called this place as “Tekri”. Datar dargah is also located near to the hills, a holy place for the local Muslims.

3. Ceramic Zone (Industrial Zone)

The Industrial Zone is also developed from Wankaner to Morbi. Already hundreds of ceramic, vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles and many more industrial units have been set up. It provides the employment to thousands of local people in the region and also generate good revenue/tax income for the State Government of Gujarat as well as Central Government of India.

4. Hajrat Shah Bava Dargah Sharif

Shah bava Dargah is the most important religious place in the city for Muslims as well as Hindu. He was one of the founders of the city with Nagabava (Guru of State), Sartanji and Vanmalibava. It is also one of the most holiest places for Muslims in the city.

5. Nagabava Temple

Nagabava was one of the founders of the city before more than 500 years ago with Shahbava, Sartanji and Vanmalibava. Nagabava Temple (Mandir) is situated in Pedak area in the city. Each year, traditional fair is also organized in the temple area.

6. Machhu Dam

Machhu Dam was built up to fulfill the water need of Wankaner and nearby villages. The dam was built up by the Wankaner Royal State to solve the problem of water. It is the largest water supply for the town. It is located outside the city, 20 km approx. from the city center.

7. Mitticool

Mansukh Prajapati, a potter from Wankaner invented the amazing products with clay. He is one of the local celebrities due to his inventions in the clay items. He is also featured in the various National and International magazines/newspapers/TV channels like Aaj Tak, ABP News (Star News), Zee News, Times of India, Economics Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Gizmodo, Time, Business Standard and lots more.

Mr. Prajapati has developed so many items from the clay like clay refrigerator, clay water filter, clay non-stick PAN and the clay pressure cooker. All these items are made from the special clay. His factory is one of the most popular business destinations in Wankaner.

8. Royal Oasis – The Summer Palace of Wankaner Maharaja

The Royal Oasis was the summer palace of the royal family of Wankaner. Now, it is converted into the Heritage Hotel. It is also one of the finest hotels in the state of Gujarat in India. It was designed and inspired by the European architecture.

9. Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan Temple is recently built up by the BAPS Sansthan in the town. The temple has been built on the Rajkot Road Nr. Court. It is also one of the most popular religious places for Swaminarayan religious followers.

10. Joravar Pir Dargah

Joravar Pir Dargah is also one of the most popular religious places among Muslims in the city. It is located on Rasala Road, Nr. Wandha Limda Chowk.

11. Steam Engine

Wankaner is one of the places where the old steam engine could be seen. You just need to visit Wankaner’s main railway station (junction) where steam engine is still kept in the loco shed. In the past, Shahrukh Khan, a famous Bollywood actor has visited Wankaner and Morbi for PEPSI advertisement. They have used old steam engine in the advertisement.

Article Title: 11 Best Tourist Places in Wankaner For Travel & Tourism
Article last re-published on May 30, 2018.

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