Victorious Sitcom All Characters Real Names with Photographs

Tori Vega aka Victoria Justice

Victorious Sitcom All Characters Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Victorious was first aired on 27th March, 2010 and ended on 2nd February, 2013. It was one of the most popular sitcom in the United States of America. It was distributed by MTV Networks International and shooting location was Hollywood in California in USA. It was created by Dan Schneider with famous stars such as Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett and others.

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Brief information and details of Victorious Sitcom

  • First episode: 27th March, 2010
  • Last episode: 2nd February, 2013
  • Production house: Sony Music Entertainment, Schneider’s Bakery and Nickelodeon Productions
  • Total Numbers of Seasons: Four
  • Total Numbers of Episodes: 58

Victorious Sitcom All Characters Real Names with Photographs

Tori Vega aka Victoria JusticeTori Vega real name is Victoria Justice

Andre Harris real name is Leon Thomas IIIAndre Harris real name is Leon Thomas III

Robbie Shapiro aka Matt BennettRobbie Shapiro real name is Matt Bennett

Jade West aka Elizabeth GilliesJade West real name is Elizabeth Gillies

Cat Valentine aka Ariana GrandeCat Valentine real name is Ariana Grande

Beck Oliver aka Avan JogiaBeck Oliver real name is Avan Jogia

Trina Vega aka Daniella MonetTrina Vega real name is Daniella Monet

Recurring Cast/Characters

Erwin Sikowitz aka Eric LangeErwin Sikowitz real name is Eric Lange

Lane Alexander aka Lane NapperLane Alexander real name is Lane Napper

Sinjin Van Cleef aka Michael Eric ReidSinjin Van Cleef real name is Michael Eric Reid

David Vega aka Jim Pirri David Vega real name is Jim Pirri

Holly Vega aka Jennifer Carta Holly Vega real name is Jennifer Carta

Andre’s grandmother real name is Marilyn Harris
Festus real name is Marco Aiello
Mrs. Lee real name is Susan Chuang
Burf real name is Darsan Solomon

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