Trademark: what is it and how to create it

The trademark allows you to exclude various risks that can lead to litigation and financial losses. A brand and a trademark are far from the same thing. Any verbal or graphic image, or a combination of them, can be registered as a trademark in the USA, which can be created directly in the logo designer.

There may be many companies whose names coincide, but only the company that has the right to do so can produce products, while the rest of the companies, in turn, will have to look for various alternatives that will allow them to do this.

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What is a trademark

A trademark is a designation that individualizes a business (its logo, style, name, etc.). If you have a trademark, you can significantly reduce the risk of counterfeit goods, which will qualitatively affect the reputation of the brand.

At the same time, the presence of a trademark will allow to unify certain products of the company, and in cases of detection of fakes, you can get a fairly large financial compensation.

A product with an unregistered brand is quite difficult to promote on the market, as well as advertise. Many companies and distributors will not accept the goods for sale. It will also be problematic to advertise the product due to the fact that many advertising sources require a trademark registration certificate.

How to make a trademark

In order to register a trademark, it is necessary to submit an application to the relevant authorities, while the application must contain the following information:

– Name of the applicant (data of the company or person who registers the trademark),

– Trademark image,

– List of goods or services,

– A document that will confirm the grounds for trademark registration,

– A document confirming the payment of the state fee.

One of the most difficult processes is the direct creation of a trademark image. You can do it yourself, or by contacting special companies or freelance designers.

The easiest and fastest way to create a trademark image is the logo designer (it is recommended to use Turbologo, since you can create a unique image in it absolutely for free).

At the same time, all trademark images created in the designers will be unique, since they contain a database of current trademarks, which will eliminate various problems during the trademark registration procedure.

You can create several trademark images at once, and then choose the most suitable and liked one from all the options. Designers also help to save significantly on the services of freelancers and specialized agencies. They allow you to create an approximate version of the image, which will be further refined, but the cost of this service will be significantly lower than the complete creation of a trademark image.

After the application is submitted, an examination of the application will be carried out, as well as its publication. In the future, an opposition period (30 days) will be appointed when companies will be able to appeal for trademark registration.

After following all the procedures, a trademark registration certificate will be issued, after which it can be placed directly on the company’s products.

At the same time, there is a trademark validity period, but it can be extended an unlimited number of times. Trademark registration is carried out for certain groups of goods. Manufacturers with a wide range of products are forced to register trademarks for a certain class of products, which is a rather time-consuming process.


The creation and registration of a trademark is a rather lengthy and complex process. One of the most difficult stages is the development of a unique image of a trademark, however, designers will speed up this process, and will also significantly save on creating a unique image of a trademark.

At the same time, designers can create not only trademark images, but also unique logos, which will later become an integral part of the brand and its advertising companies, which will increase brand awareness and its final profit.

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