Top Websites That You Should Visit While You’re on Lockdown

Websites That You Should Visit

Everyone will agree if I say that the past few years have not been the greatest because of the calamities and problems the world faced. But these past few months have been the hardest because of the pandemic that struck the earth. Because of it, we were forced to stay at home and limit our movements to avoid the virus from spreading from one person to another. During the lockdowns, we were not able to do the things that we are used to doing before the pandemic, such as going to work, attending class at school, shopping, eating at  Our favorite restaurants, watch movies at the cinema and more. Luckily, with the help of technology today, we can now do all these things using our computer devices. Here are some top websites that you should visit.


If we are used to submitting hard copies of documents at school or work before the pandemic, doing it during lockdown is not possible and could even harm ourselves and our family. That is why during this time, we tend to use virtual files in sending, receiving, and composing essential documents. But the problem with virtual files is that they are hard to manage.

Luckily GogoPDF is always to the rescue. This website offers so many services that will help you manage your files. One of the most valuable tools provided by this website is its file converter. It can convert various file formats, including JPG, PNG, Word, PPT, Excel to PDF format and vice versa without any hassle and by only following a few simple steps.

Although this website is known for being the best online converter, it can do so much more than just converting files from various formats. GogoPDF can add page numbers and watermark, encrypt, edit, repair, rotate, split, and merge your PDF files. This is everything you need when dealing with different files, especially files in PDF format.


Shopping has been a massive part of our lives for the longest time. It is where we get our food, clothes, furniture, gadgets, and more. But because of the lockdown caused by the pandemic, malls, shopping centers, and grocery stores were forced to stop operating. But since our needs don’t end, it is vital to find a source to get our necessities.

Luckily online shopping is a big thing today, and many online shops are still operating despite the lockdowns. Although there are many online shopping sites you can find on the web, there is no question that Amazon is the best. This website sells everything you need from food, clothes, gadgets, and more; in fact, the website sells 350 million products.

One of the greatest features of the website is its accessibility because it can be accessed around the world, and it can also ship items around the world. The services they provide are also excellent; from the customer service to the delivery, they ensure that their clients are satisfied when they are shopping online. 


Being isolated from the world while alone at home and not enjoying the things you used to enjoy can be very saddening and depressing. That is why it is essential in times like this to find a distraction and be entertained. But the problem with looking for entertainment can be pricey; a good thing youtube is a free platform to watch videos and be entertained.

The website offers billions of videos to watch from various genres, including music, movies, vlogs, funny videos, and so much more. This is also a handy way to learn new things while staying at home because you can find tutorial videos uploaded by millions of people from around the globe.


This whole pandemic situation had a huge impact not only on those affected by the virus but also on those who are not. From our everyday routines, our way of taking care of ourselves, and how we communicate with people, it all changed since the beginning of this pandemic. But because human beings are good at adapting, that’s what we did.

Adaptation is one of the best suits of man; it is our ability to adapt to any situation for us to survive and thrive. This pandemic changed so many things about us; it changed our way of living so that we can survive this crisis. One of the greatest weapons we used in adapting to the changes that were brought by the virus is our computer devices.

From our school works, job-related tasks, entertainment, and communication, whatever it is that you need, there are always tools available on the web that you can use whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish. That is one great thing about today because our technology is so advanced, we can do almost anything with just one tap or click on our devices.

GogoPDF, Amazon, and Youtube show how helpful technology can be in this time of pandemic where our movements are limited and going outside our homes are not safe anymore. Although it is not a secret that there are also disadvantages in using these devices, there are still more reasons to use them; we just have to be responsible and wise.


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