Top Destinations for Students in the USA

Destinations for Students

America has lots of stunning destinations that students would like to visit on a road trip. It is not easy to rent a car when you are under 25 years old. So, when you find a car rental under 25, it is a great opportunity to hit the road. Beaches and bluegrass, redwood forests and snow-covered peaks, foodie cities, and ski resorts. It is a huge country of road trip culture with 4 million highway miles. Here is the list of the best destinations students would like to visit.

New York City, New York

New York City is home to immigrants from every country in the world, artists in self-search, and stunning hedge-fund moguls. It is a center of delicious national food, theater shows, Cheapest Car Rentals in Atlanta, fashion and music, the publishing world, finance, and advertising. If you are fond of visiting famous museums and hitting around the well-known streets, this city is for you. Every block will show the history and character of New York, reflecting all nations who lived and live there. The buildings are known from various movies and TV shows starting from Rockefeller Plaza to the Empire State Building, Broadway, 5th Avenue, Central Park, Times Square, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty. It is a city of youth, students, and possibilities.

Pacific Coast Highway

It is the most spectacular road in America. Passing posh beach towns and dizzying ocean cliffs, it runs from San Diego in the south to rocky tide pools and windswept capes in the north of Washington. Being a student renting a car under 25 is not a simple task but this stunning route deserves all the hardships. When you drive this road from north to south, you can keep in the closest line to the ocean. Washington offers to visit Olympic National park with rocky coast and snow peaks. Cross Washington forests and the mouth of the Columbia River, heading to Oregon. The Oregon coastline is peaceful with small cozy towns near the Pacific shore. “Dune Country” is on the way to the South. Northern California is home to redwood forests with the tallest trees on the earth in Redwood National Park. Stretch your legs and walk through the giant trees in the famous forest. It is worth visiting San Francisco next on the road and spending a weekend there. Monterey farther to the south has an excellent Bay Aquarium and holds a Jazz Festival. San Louis Obispo is a college town with Spanish architecture of the 18th century. Los Angeles is a city that never can be boring and offers lots to see. End the road in San Diego with a visit to San Diego Zoo and spend a day on the beach. It is a road for all ages, but completing this route being under 30 is different from driving when you retire. It is better to repeat this road when you decide to retire later. 

New Orleans

New Orleans does not look like an ordinary southern city. It is a mix of Spanish and French cultures with Creole and Cajun cuisine, the Caribbean-colonial architecture of the French Quarter, and jazz music. It is a great place to visit for young people of all ages. If you plan your trip during the Mardi Gras period, you will remember these overcrowded streets and neverending celebrations for many boring winter months. The best period for a visit is from December to May. In summer it is a time of hurricanes and hot weather.

Las Vegas

Taking a cheap car rental being under 25 years of age, where will you go? Las Vegas, for sure. Hidden in the desert sands, this glittering city attracts visitors from the whole country and international tourists as well. Giant hotels with casinos draw people to spend their time and leave their money. Want-to-be newlyweds arrive to create a new family couple as fast as they can until they have not changed their minds. Each resort finds numerous attractions to attract guests to stay in their suits. Among them are Cirque du Soleil, the Mob Museum, the Slotzilla zipline, and the finest restaurants. Las Vegas is also a comfortable place to explore the surroundings, including Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. It is a place to spend all your money being a student, that is better than to spend it being older.

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Colorado is the best state to visit the Rockies due to its climate, small cozy towns, and nature. It is a stunning area to appreciate mountain life and to go hiking and camping. In winter the mountains are full of skiers and boarders. In summer tourists arrive who prefer rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and camping. The popular cities that are full of tourists are Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Durango. You can rent a car in one of the cities and hit scenic drives like the Million Dollar Highway and the San Juan Scenic Byway. Mesa Verde National Park is home to Native American cliff dwellings and is protected by UNESCO. Choose the type of route that suits your type better and keep unforgettable memories to the end of your life.

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