Top 7 Avon Cycle That You Can Consider Buying Right Now

Avon Cycle

Avon cycle is one of the top bicycle brands in India that is well-known for manufacturing; high-end bikes of all kinds, starting from hybrid bikes to mountain bikes to road bikes, electric cycles, kid’s cycles, and more.

There is something available for everyone. If you are looking to buy cycle for men, Avon cycle is the best brand you can choose right now. They are the builders of top-quality and affordable bikes perfect for Indian roads, mountains, forest trails, and more. 

Here we will look at the top seven Avon bicycles that you can consider buying. When it comes to buying a bike, you can’t think of anything other than an Avon cycle. 

  • Nuke Pro 24 T: The sleek appeal and the mindblowing colors that this bike offers will make you want to long for more. Nuke Pro is one of the top cycles for men available in India right now. This Avon cycle is an MTB bike that is perfect for off-road traveling. People who love to soak in the goodness of jungles trails, mountains, valleys, meadows, and more can use this Avon cycle. The front and rear Vee brakes ensure total safety for the rider, the suspension is sturdy, the tires are perfect for rugged terrain. If you want something substantial for a comfortable riding experience, this cycle for men can do you good. 
  • Attention 26T 21 Speed: Affordability and features come in handy, along with this top-quality geared cycle for men and young adults. The crank of this Avon cycle is Cotterless w/disc. The Attractive colors of this cycle for men will grab the attention of passersby. You do not have to pay a fortune for this one because it is moderately priced and packed with high-end features that a geared Avon cycle should ideally have. Take this cycle to enjoy riding on rugged terrains, forest trails, plan your off-road long-distance trips without having to worry about anything at all. 
  • CYCLELEC CONNECT-1 UNISEX BIKE 26T 7 SPEED: This electric cycle for men and women, boys and girls, is perfect for those who want to save on fuel prices and enjoy long-distance journeys on their featured filled electric Avon cycle. As compared to other high-end models available in the market, this Avon cycle is way more affordable than the rest, and the battery is highly efficient as far as performance is concerned. The brakes, saddle, handlebars, suspension, and more ensure a high level of comfort. So, if you are planning to buy this one, go for it today! 
  • CHROME 29T 21SPEED: Do you have a sports cycle for men on your mind? Okay, let us make your search easy. This Avon cycle is a perfect sports cycle for the speed lovers out there! The lightweight frame and the safety features will give you the world of pleasures you have been looking for. Cycling is a fun activity, and the Avon cycle has developed this cycle so that you can enjoy your rides to the fullest. The high-end front and rear brake types, rigid suspension, and the premium-quality Cotterless W/disc crank all add to the features so that you can get nothing but the best. 
  • Avon Neo Wave 26T Dual Shox: If you are planning to buy an attractive bike for your son, this is a perfect cycle for men. The 51 cm (20’’) Steel, Mig Welded Suspension Frame comes with an inbuilt carrier. The mudguard is made of stylish PVC with Retro-Reflective Tape that adds glamor to the overall look of the Avon cycle. The price of this top-class bicycle is very affordable, and the longevity that it promises makes it a trustworthy product from Avon. 
  • Avon Gutts: The alluring look of this Avon cycle will catch the eyes of young adults. The bright red and black color adds glam & glitz to the overall appeal of this cycle for men. The features are of top-quality because Avon never compromises on safety and quality. You or your son can use this bike on the Indian roads easily. The rigid suspension makes traveling on this Avon cycle a comfortable one. You can use this cycle for as long as you want without having to worry about its wear and tear. 
  • PILOT EX 26T S/BAR: This roadster cycle for men tops the cheapest range of the Avon cycle. This bicycle is used for heavy-duty purposes, and the Avon cycle is perfect for traveling on roads, alleys, the village areas of India, and more. The conventional braking system is the Roller Brake Side Pull System which makes this cycle for men pretty safe. You can buy this to run errands on your bicycle. While pedaling, you might need to use force since the roadster bikes do not come with gears and shifters. Traveling long distances on this cycle for men can prove difficult for the rider. 

Now, you have the whole list of best Avon cycles, starting from high-end models to the most basic ones. Choose whichever you want according to your liking!

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