Top 3 strains from Dutch Passion 


Dutch passion has cemented its name as one of the greats in the cannabis industry. Their repute stems from their over 3 decades of delivering seeds with impeccable genetics to both medical and recreational growers. 

Since its establishment, they have engineered the introduction of new cannabis seeds and plant varieties to promote genetic diversity in the industry. In this article, we shall be examining the top 3 Dutch passion strains. 

HiFi 4G 

This Indica dominant photoperiod strain is the definition of girl power and the following facts confirm this. The HiFi 4G strain is a female offspring of the American-bred WiFi (White Fire) OG or WiFi Kush and the Dutch passion award-winning resin-infused Glueberry OG. This feminized strain is noted for its beginner friendliness and uncomplicated nature. Hence, you do not have to possess a perfect growing room or be a pro-grower to successfully groom this variety. 

Also, unlike some varieties, she is very forgiving of mistakes. Perhaps, this is a result of the fact that these errors do not deter her from producing quality and healthy buds. The HiFi 4G variant is also SOG (sea of green) compatible. This is because a large number of them can be grown in a small space without reducing the quality of the grower’s yields. 

According to Herbies, this THC-rich strain is the bias of most commercial growers as a result of its vigorous vegetative phase and rapid flowering phase usually lasting up to about 8 weeks. This means that a grower can have a good number of harvests in a calendar year. 

It is important to note that this variety is the nemesis of pests and mold as a result of its high secretion of resin which serves as a repellent. In addition to being a repellant, this sticky substance which has a high THC content is used in the production of hash and other concentrates. 

As a result of the crossing between the two parent varieties, the HiFi 4G has a rich and perfect blend of different aromas and terpene profiles. The earthy taste and pungent smell can be traced to its OG Kush ancestors while its fruity and sweet flavor originates from the Glueberry OG. 

One interesting fact about this strain is that it amplifies the listening experience of music lovers and enthusiasts by heightening their sensory abilities such that each note and each lyric in the song is felt differently. It has also been reported to exude a relaxing sensation that calms the nerves. 

Due to its high concentration of THC (26%), it produces a long-lasting high which takes a good amount of time to wear off. Hence you should take in cautious amounts. 


White Widow 

The White Widow strain can be best described as a Sativa dominant hybrid which is a result of the crossing between a Brazilian Sativa and an Indian Indica strain. The Sativa to Indica ratio of the white widow is 60:40. This feminized strain was first bred in the Netherlands by Green House seeds and since its introduction in the 1990s, it has warmed its way into the hearts of many. Evidence of this is its usage in virtually all Dutch coffee shops. 

This strain of cannabis derives its name from one of its most prominent features which is the appearance of white-colored hard buds coated with an insane amount of resin. The White Widow strain has been regarded as a classic because the advent of several prominent varieties like the blue widow, white Russian, and white Rhino can be traced to it. Another testament to its age-long relevance is its famous 1995 win of the High Times Cup award. 

Just like the HiFi strain this variety also boasts of a rapid flowering time of 8 weeks. Hence multiple harvests can be witnessed in a calendar year by the grower.  As a result of several modern interventions, this high THC strain can thrive in harsh climes. It is also worthy of mention that indoor growing techniques like SOG and SCROG can be adopted by the grower since she stretches averagely during her flowering stage. 

As for the category of people who can grow it, you do not need to be an award-winning cannabis grower before you groom these strains to get a bumper harvest and the good thing is that it thrives in any growing condition as long as the right care is provided. 

This strain cannot be described as tall but it easily passes for a medium-sized variety with potent buds. The potency of her buds stems from its high THC contents which are sought after by both medical and recreational users. 

Users have reported that this strain gives them a lasting euphoric high, an energetic attitude, and heightened creativity. It has also been reported to improve social interactions as most users confirmed that they became chatty upon intake. 

Apart from its beneficial recreational uses, its numerous medical applications are awesome. White widow has been useful in treating a variety of medical conditions ranging from insomnia to chronic pain and fatigue. It has also been used in alleviating anxiety, paranoia, and depression-related symptoms. 

For those wondering what it tastes and smells like, WW has a piney and spicy taste with an earthy smell. 

Strawberry Cough

This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid whose origins can be traced to the European and North American regions. Before the feminized modification of this strain by Dutch passion, this variety existed as a clone-only strain.  Despite the dominance of Sativa in this strain, this variety still exhibits the traits of a typical Indica strain, particularly in its growth structure. This means that this strain reserves the bushy form associated with the Indica species. As a result of its bushy nature, this strain is well suited for SCROG. 

The Strawberry Cough strain boasts of one of the most attractive buds as they come in different colors which complement each other. Its shiny leaves are a mix of purple, neon- green and earthy yellow. 

It is worthy of mention that this variety derives its name from its taste and aroma. This is because it tastes and smells like strawberries. Hence it has a sweet smell and taste with some skunky and earthy undertones. 

Also, the cough in its name is an indication of the effect felt by users during intake as this strain triggers coughing in even the most experienced of smokers. The skunky undertone might be an explanation for this. Smokers have reported that it often leaves them with dry mouths and watery eyes. The dry mouth can be dealt with by taking liquids during and after intake. The watery eyes on the other hand usually dissipate after a short time. 

For growers, this THC-rich variety can be grown indoors or outdoors but the latter option is advisable since it increases the chances of a greater yield. On average strawberry, cough gives a minimum to large yield usually around 400 grams per m2 on average.  It should also be noted that this variety flourishes in warm environments and has an average flowering time of 9 weeks when grown indoors. 

According to Herbies, due to the high Sativa to Indica ratio (80: 20) of this strain, users can still feel euphoric in a way that allows them to be productive as this strain leaves a user feeling energetic and creative. Most users have also claimed that it made them more sociable.   Hence this variety is daytime appropriate. This is unlike what obtains with Indica dominant strains as it tends to couch lock its users due to its relaxing effect. 

Medical users have reported that the Strawberry Cough have been effective in calming tensed nerves and dealing with depressive feelings. 

You can buy Strawberry Cough seeds from trusted seedbank like Herbies.

Wrapping up 

Selecting your preferred Dutch strains either to grow or consume is not a black-and-white process as it is made to be. This is because a lot of informed research goes into the decision-making process. Hence growers and users alike should find a strain that satisfies their unique preferences and taste. Failure to do this may lead to dissatisfaction and frustration. 


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