Tips for Writing a Great Book You Can Sell Online

Writing a Great Book

Several people are out there who want to be best-selling authors or writers. Some even write and publish their books; in the end, only a few books are liked by readers. Some books are on the best-selling list, and some authors can sell only a few copies. Writing a great book is not as easy as hiring online essay help services.

Before self-publishing children’s books start working on the book, they must first sit and think about why they want to publish a book? What is so special about their work? Does it have the potential to be liked by mass? Is their content different?

Several other questions are there, too, but at first, they need to sit and answer these questions. There is no guideline to writing a great book. There is no formula for that. But yes, there are a few tips an author can follow to produce a great book. Let’s discuss a few details.

  1. Read good works– Other great writers shape good writers. The books that you read will help you think differently and develop something new. Sometimes what makes a book best is not just the content but rather the style of writing and the way they explain things.

Reading good works will help you to know about the way by which you can make your readers stick to the book.

These days people have too many options, and if someone does not like the book at first, they will just stop reading and label it as a ‘bad’ one. Your favourite writers are your mentors. Do not try to be them or write just like them.

They can make it to the top because they have their writing style. So, in that same way, you need to develop your style and ways.

  1. Make a checklist – Before writing, note down all the details you want to include in your book. It can be characters, places, incidents and whatnot. This will save you from forgetting major components of the book.

If you start writing without following a checklist, you may face trouble. This happens with the majority of the writers, especially amateurs, that after they are done writing the book, they remember that they have missed a few things.

Now, you may do two things. Either you may redo the whole work, or you may have to add the missing points to the content.

Take your time and make the checklist, and you will not have to miss out on any points.

  1. Maintain a systematic approach– Night may be the right time for you, or it may be evening. You must maintain a systematic approach to produce great content as a writer.

As an amateur or part-time writer, you must balance writing and work. Always try to find out time for writing or set a time. For example, from 11 PM, you will start writing every day or keep everything aside and work on your book.

A systematic approach is required. If you start working on your book casually, it will fail.

Take writing as a duty. As a writer, it is your job just sit down, jot down ideas and write. If you take too many breaks, for example, a one or two-day gap will surely affect the book’s quality.

  1. Use time wisely– Everyone is too busy these days, and if you want to write a good book, you will have to know how to use time in the best way. Do not think that writing a book is the only thing you will have to manage.

Writing down the main plot, making a checklist, coming up with characters, thinking differently, and several other things are there too. An author needs to manage all the major and minor parts of a book.

Use time wisely. You cannot write when you are travelling, but you can think of ideas. Try to write down everything that crosses your mind regarding your book on your phone.

In this way, you will be able to finish a great book in a small amount of time. Remember that making the process too long will delay the book’s release. Do not rush, but do not take too much time either.


  1. Selecting the editor– No matter how good or bad the editor is, you need to have a good relationship before hiring an editor. The editor must know about the writing style you follow and how they can make it better with their editing skills.

Before hiring an editor, you first need to know about the previous books they have edited and the writers or authors they have worked with.

Talk with them and try to know about their vision. A good editor will never compromise on your artistic vision, no matter what. Rather a good editor will make your work look attractive and improve its quality.


  1. Don’t stress about the first draft– If you are an amateur, do not think your first draft will be excellent. Well, no. Your first draft will surely be full of mistakes. As a result, you may end up missing a few points.

After you finish working on your first draft, you will have to read it carefully and note down the mistakes you have made and things you have missed.

So, do not stress about your first draft too much.


  1. Prioritise art– Do not write your book just for the sake of writing. Always prioritise art. Do not worry about the genre. Instead, you focus on the main content and the art.

Do not think that your book will have to sell xx copies, or you will earn $xx after publishing the book. No, if these are the reasons you are writing your book, then high chances are there that you will fail.



Thus, writing a great book is not as easy as hiring online assignment help services. As an amateur writer, you may face issues, and you need to always solve them before you start writing.

Jot down ideas first and make a checklist. In that way, you will be able to produce a high-quality book. Your priority should be to deliver your readers something unique.


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