Time and Tide Wait For None

Time and Tide wait

The most precious gift given by God to the students is time. Hence, time and tide wait for none is a universal truth. Not only students but individuals also should follow this proverb because in reality when we don’t respect time, time doesn’t respect us for the rest of our life. Whatever time a student has got, he can nurture his future in it and if neglected he is going to regret the rest of his life. (benzinga.com) Student life is that tender age when a student learns a lot of lessons, good ones as well as bitter one. These lessons change the whole personality as the time passes by. What never changes is a phenomenon that when a student passes a class and is promoted for the next class then he/she always thinks that the previous class was so easy to understand in perspective of subjects, I can top the class if I get a chance now. But the time passed by will never come back. This thought of capacity to top the class should have been in the mind of the student when he was in that class and his intelligence and hard work were needed then to achieve 1st position in class. Time and tide wait for none- this proverb has a simple meaning that time is that entity which never stops or waits for anyone, not even for God.

Keeping the above statement that time and tide wait for none in concern students should manage their time as much efficiently as they can because their time is precious. During this time period of their life, they can learn the most precious knowledge. After a certain time period when these students will grow up to be an adult then it doesn’t matter how much they try to learn or study they can never achieve that much knowledge which they could have when they were students, because again it’s about time. There is a certain time for anything, a perfect time. When you miss that perfect time then rest is just beating the bush. Students need to maintain a perfect time table which contains a certain timing for each and every step of whole day which include quality time for study that means doesn’t matter the student gives 5 minutes or 5 hours to the study, it should be a dedicated and fixed study with no distractions and no deviations from the time table. Student should grab some time for regular revision for what he has learned that should be revised at least once so that it should be printed on mind. To manage time, students can opt for a mobile teacher app. Through a mobile teacher app he can get ample amounts of knowledge in a jiffy without wasting any time. Even teachers search for the best app to teach online which can save time and can help to provide full knowledge to students. That app which can save time for students with proper information and knowledge is the best app to teach online.

Learning is a time sensitive topic, if one misses the chance then it doesn’t matter how hard one tries, he always fails. Students should spare time for the subject they are weak in and fix the time of a particular subject and also should give complete dedication for the practice of that particular subject. Subjects need to have full attention while teachers teach them but after the lecture gets finished students should ask about those questions among which they were facing problems or they were having doubt. It is so because again if at the right time they didn’t ask the question then they can forget to ask or they may not get the chance to understand those questions. Learners may be very smart and can opt many ways to study but they can’t control time hence they need to utilize time for their studies very wisely and with a planned strategy so that they could gather an ample amount of knowledge. Learners have a common problem that they don’t focus on the present and run after the future whereas one must live his present to full extent so that he could not regret it after the time passes by.

For student life punctuality and time management are two great teachers because whatever a learner learns in his learning period depends on how much time is dedicated to memorize it hence students and learners should never underestimate the power of time and tide.

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