Think you know everything about Slots? Think again

Slots are the perfect game for both beginners and seasoned online gamers, but there will always be at least one new thing that you can learn about one of the most famous casino games around. It’s time to find out if these facts could potentially help you in your next game!

If there has been something on your mind, it could get answered here, otherwise learn something new about online casino Slots today!


Worldwide Slots

Most places around the world call Slots by this name, but not everywhere… 

Australians call their slot games poker machines or pokies, and are like the traditional Slots you may have commonly heard of.

Next, heading to Asia, in Japan, they call their slot machines pachinko. It is a bit different from your more common reels, but it is essentially what’s known as Slots in the US or UK. This game involves a slot and pinball hybrid that shoots a ball into action. If the ball lands in the correct pocket, slot machine reels will spin and the aim is to line up a matching combination.

Another form of slot that you could find worldwide are retro fruit machines that are extremely popular in the UK. However, in Scotland, these are called puggie or puggys.

Wherever you travel or browse online, see what other names they call Slots.


The biggest online win

Slots are just known as Slots in the UK, however, here was where the biggest online slot payout happened!

Jon Heywood, a former British soldier, received £13.2 million on a Mega Moolah slot machine and was even entered as a Guinness World Records holder for this huge success!

We can’t guarantee that you’ll have his success, but why not take your chances with Slots and see what you could potentially take home?


Where are the most machines?

Surprisingly, the place with the most machines isn’t Las Vegas, but in another unlikely part of the US. In Oklahoma, the WinStar World Casino and Resort has the most slot machines in one location – the total is a grand 7,471 slot machines!

So, if you’re a lover of slot games, Oklahoma may be the place for you!


A no strategy game

Unlike some casino games, like Blackjack, where there are certain strategies around, Slots aren’t a strategy game at all, so don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you different.

When slot machines aren’t being played, some believe that the symbols on them at that time could hint to which symbols could match for the next game that is played on it, which is known as the ‘zig-zag’ system.

The real results only happen when the game is playing, where you will then see matching combinations – there’s no correlation between what symbols appear before and during a game is activated.

Did you find anything you didn’t already know about one of the most popular casino games? Use this information when playing your next slot game, and take your gameplay to the next level!

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