Then and Now: Where Are Your Favorite TV Stars Now?

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Do you ever miss watching your favorite TV shows from the olden days?

Part of watching TV shows, no matter how old you are, is getting attached to the characters and actors that become a part of your daily life. When a show ends, they suddenly disappear from your screen, and you move onto the next shows and actors.

But sometimes, you just want to check in on your old favorites to see what they’re up to now. Today, we’re going to look at a few of our favorite TV stars, then and now. Some go on to have illustrious careers, while others let the work that they’ve done speak for itself.

Matthew Fox Then and Now

One of the best shows of the oughts was the mystery/thriller Lost. Although it featured an ensemble cast, everyone’s favorite miserable hero was Dr. Jack Shepherd, played by Matthew Fox. Prior to reaching superstardom in Lost, Fox was also one of the leads in the family drama, Party of Five.

During his run on Lost, Fox had several acting credits in films like Cars and We Are Marshall, but has kept a low profile with his wife and two children since 2015. We hope to see him on our screens again soon.

Shia Labeouf Then and Now

Shia Labeouf broke onto the scene as a classic young prankster, Louis Stevens, in Disney’s TV show (and 2003 film) Even Stevens. This launched him straight into numerous great teen roles and eventually, into blockbusters like Transformers and Indiana Jones.

After battling some personal demons, Shia’s returned full-force into acting and directing, becoming one of the most respected young artists in Hollywood.

Hal Linden Then and Now

The younger generation might not remember the classic crime sitcom, Barney Miller, starring Hal Linden and Abe Vigoda, but it offered a completely fresh take on the crime drama. It’s fun to take a peek at what all the cast members are up to now, notably the star of the show, Hal Linden.

Since his role on Barney Miller, Linden has remained active, even at the ripe age of 89. He’s shown no signs of age, so keep an eye on his upcoming projects.

Mayim Bialik Then and Now

If you were a 90s kid, then one of your favorite shows was probably Blossom, starring Mayim Bialik in the titular role. After the show ended in 1995, Bialik was still only 20 years old. Instead of pressing on with acting, she decided to take a break and work on her education.

She earned a degree in neuroscience from UCLA in 2007, which made her perfect for her role in the science-based comedy, The Big Bang Theory. The show had a massive 12-year run, ending in 2019 as one of the most-watched sitcoms in the history of television. Look for Bialik in more upcoming TV work.

Go Back and Watch Your Faves

Looking at our favorite stars, then and now, makes us want to go back and watch some of our favorite old shows. Thankfully, most things are streaming these days, so we can still hang out with Matthew, Shia, Hal, and Mayim whenever we want.

If you enjoyed this post about your favorite TV stars, come back for more on entertainment, fashion, and fitness.

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