The Rise Of Betting Sites In India


The state of betting development in India

The past and the modern days of betting history of India relate with each other. Betting is a colonial event, which started far away from the coasts of Indian Ocean. The history of sports Online Cricket Betting ID goes hand in hand with the development of sport or sporting competition. Even with the ancient Greeks it was customary to bet sums of money or other assets on the outcome of a competition. There are indications that as early as the 23rd Olympiad in 676 BC. Sports betting was part of everyday life at the Olympic Games, which were held every four years then and now. Curiously enough, there were also spontaneous bets back then: So you could still bet on the outcome of the competition at short notice, or bet whether the defeated victim would die there or not.Read out The Rise Of Betting Sites In India.

With the rise of the Roman empire, not only were art, philosophy and science taken over by the Hellenes, sports betting also found its way into the Circus Maximus, the Roman Colosseum and other arenas such as those in Verona. While you could bet more on gladiator fights in the arenas, betting on the outcome of chariot races was already made in the Circus Maximus.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, official sports betting disappeared from the face of history. Only in the Middle Ages was betting made during knight tournaments, but only in private.

Sports betting got its big boom in Great Britain in the 18th century. They were used to finance the event with the money won. Based on the English model, the first horse race with sports betting took place in Germany in 1810 .

The triumphant advance of football betting began in 1921 when England introduced the Toto game. In the years that followed, this form of competition conquered half of Europe, until it also reached Germany, where in 1948 it resulted in the establishment of the “Bavarian State Football Pool”. The legalization of some football betting offices in England in 1960 paved the way for football betting to become the most popular form of sports betting. In India, the status was negative, but the local interest was always high and people did bets without bookmaker offices.

What types of sports became fundament of the betting development in India?

Betting on horse races impact

Horse races in particular have enjoyed particular popularity over the years. These were mentioned several times in the middle Ages and there are also references to horse betting, around the 16th century.

In any case, it can be assumed that whenever sporting events have taken place, bets were always made on their outcome.From the 18th century onwards, horse races and the associated bets, especially in England, experienced a heyday.The St. Leger Stakes, the oldest horse race in the world, has been held every year since 1776.

A year later horse races were also held in Poland.  Many more followed across Europe and attracted a large audience to the racetracks. Especially the upper classes, who could afford it, were enthusiastic about it.

Actually, Horse racing appeared over 1000 years ago in India and Ancient Greece, when they were the main spectacle of the Olympic Games. The people who achieved success in horse racing during those days lived a luxurious life full of fame and respect. Even the emperors took part in the races, it is known about the competitions in the races of Caligula, Nero and Domitian.

Gradually, the greatest interest in horse racing was formed in England and in the 17th century horse racing reached a completely new level. Already at that time, the participants in the races were engaged in the breeding of special race horse breeds, which had a noticeable advantage in comparison with other horses. With the development of horse racing, their rules also changed. After the horses became faster, the average distance for races was reduced, if earlier it could reach 10 kilometers, now it was 5 kilometers.

Large hippodromes opened, such as Epsom, Doncaster, Cheltenham, Aintree, Ascot and Newmarket in England, Longchamp and Vincennes in France, Flemington in Australia, much later Solvalla in Stockholm, Gulf Stream Park in the USA, La Zarzuela in Spain and others. Some of these hippodromes are still in operation.With the evolution of horse racing, governing bodies began to emerge, such as jockey clubs in England (from 1750), and horse racing was governed by National Rules and Regulations.

In almost any country where there are horses, there are also horse races. They are so common today that it will not be difficult for anyone to get on them. In Russia, horse racing originated in the 18th century, when Count Orlov received an elite horse from the British as a gift. The horse races have leaked onto television and magazines, and are even broadcast on radio. Based on the races, films are being made: Favorite, Champion, Hidalgo, Desert Chase, Black Horse, Fifty to One and others. In addition, you can read about horse racing in books, for example, “The Horse Whisperer”. The well-known writer Charles Bukowski wrote a lot about horse racing in his books.

The density of big occasions and enormous horseracing fixtures brought betting sites to success in 2020.


The popularity of cricket is result of youth interest in competitions. Competing against each other is also good on macro level – by betting. Cricket is a very old game that was played in England in the mid-18th century, and a game similar to cricket dates back to the 13th century. The game spread primarily to the British colonies.

Cricket was included in the program of the second Olympic Games (1900), but this was his only presence at the Olympics. Already in 2002, cricket was again classified as an Olympic sport, but it was not admitted to the Olympics. Surely the fact is that cricket matches can last for five days, which, given the tight schedule of the Olympics, makes the game unsuitable for this tournament. However, new rules have already been developed that limit the playing time to 2.5 hours. Therefore, there is a good chance that cricket will return to the 2020 Olympic program. One of the main features in India according to betting on cricket is the complete absence to bet live. The long stretching of the matches allows you to make unhurried decisions, but you need to be careful, because the weather conditions can change several times during the game, which will make big adjustments to its outcome.

Quite often, unexpected results occur in cricket, so quotes for outsiders in this sport are usually understated. It is best to use a strategy of betting on approximately equal opponents in cricket.


A huge plus for bettors is that cricket is not common in the USA, Korea and Japan, where there are a lot of professional players. Usually, ordinary fans of this sport, who are far from making money on bets, play cricket, especially Indians. This leads to large line downloads where you can make good money.

Soccer betting impact

India is a very promising country for betting companies. After all, the population of this country is huge, and there are many sports fans. Most of them would like to try their hand at sports betting. Especially Indian players appreciate and love football betting. In addition to the Asian leagues, European and South American championships are also popular here.

Based on this, the Indian company IndiaTimes entered into an agreement with the British sports company PERFORM, because of which Indian bettors will now be able to place their bets using a mobile phone. This made the gambling residents of India very happy, since not always each of them can get to one of the local specialized offices or to their computer. A bet in India can now be made at any convenient time using a smartphone. According to IndiaTimes estimates, the number of potential users of the new service is more than 25 thousand people, and will increase over time.

For sports betting and viewing sports events via mobile devices in India, a special operating system will be used, which must be pre-installed and launched by the player.

More about bookmaker providing horseracing and cricket bets you can find on:

What puts on a rise bookmakerin India?

Bookmakers started to gain more experience from each other and established tendency of main features that would define a bookmaker good in India. points that separate good from bad bookmakers are:


  • Valid license
  • Diverse payment options
  • Multi-channel, fast support
  • Existence of an app or web app
  • Intuitive design of the website
  • Fast processing of withdrawals

If you want to submit sports bets over the Internet, you should first set up a free test or demo account, if possible, to get to know the offer. At the same time, it is advisable to validate the seriousness of the provider by studying reviews from other customers. When betting, it is important to ensure a stable internet connection, in addition to an initially only small number of combination bets, in order to minimize the risk at the beginning.

Internet impact and online betting

With the development of the Internet, the global betting industry began to develop. Thanks to the worldwide network, new forms of betting have appeared: betting exchanges, spread betting, lay betting, etc. This leads to the fact that ordinary bookmakers will soon be of little interest to professionals. The variety of not only rates, but also possible strategies makes betting much more interesting.

At the same time, bets can be placed almost anywhere. If a player is well versed in sports, then betting can be his next income, and you can earn money anywhere in the world. Mobile betting and applications for mobile devices will soon replace betting in real life, significantly speeding up the process. On the one hand, such a development of the gaming business allows offices to minimize their staff (only programmers and analysts are needed), not to tie company registration to any one place, but to choose a country on their own, to limit the costs of opening an office only by creating a website. On the other hand, teaching staff in real life were not only a place where you can place bets, but also a place for communication between people who love sports. Today, with the development of the Internet, their number is decreasing. This does not at all reduce the number of betters communicating with each other (there are posts, forums), however, the beauty of live bets is increasingly receding into the past. Betting becomes a kind of virtual phenomenon.

In addition, India is IT giant and development of new spaces for safe betting is only matter of a time

The triumphant advance of primarily web-based sports betting shown at the beginning has to do with the fact that there are numerous advantages compared to submitting tips in betting offices – as was the case in the past – and not only in India. On the one hand, the already mentioned betting offer on the Internet is considerably more extensive due to the significantly larger number of bookies available. On the other hand, you can bet on almost any sport and even on unusual events.

The second big advantage of placing sports bets on the Internet is the much better comparability of odds. Those who bet in a betting office have few, if not no comparison options and are therefore dependent on the favor of the office. There is considerably more competitive pressure on the Internet and there are plenty of dedicated sites that automatically compare the odds for certain sporting events such as soccer games for betting enthusiasts.

Further advantages of internet betting are exemplary:

  • Possibility of submitting surebets
  • Much higher limits and winning options
  • The already mentioned betting bonus
  • Convenience, time savings and flexibility when betting
  • All in all, there is little to be said in favor of the classic betting office these days – for example, aspects such as socializing and exchanging ideas with other tipsters.
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