Thailand the Most Suitable Place to Find Plant Variety

Thailand Suitable Plant Variety

Thailand the Most Suitable Place to Find Plant Variety. Thailand has a hot and humid climate and other natural habitats that help plants and vegetation grow in abundance. You will find natural forest covers and human-made jungles and parks with a wide range of plants and trees that are not found elsewhere. You will find that Thailand has some similarities with other Southeast Asian countries. Hence, there is an abundance of bamboos, rattans, palms, coconut palms, banana plants and tropical fruit trees, and numerous flowering plants.

You will find mangroves growing on the swampy coasts of Thailand, and in ponds and swamps elsewhere, you will often find an abundance of lotuses and lilies growing. Apart from these flowers, Thailand has various beautiful flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, honeysuckle, daisies, marigold, sunflowers, poinsettias, butterfly peas, and numerous varieties of orchids that are sold to other countries. In short, Thailand offers a huge bio-diversity for visitors eyeing its plants and vegetation.

Soil Fertility and Tropical and Sub-tropical Temperature

Thailand is endowed with tropical and sub-tropical temperatures and therefore very appropriate for supporting various plant life. Thailand’s landscape is suited for most plants as there is plentiful well-drained soil. There are wide varieties of plants and trees that are unique to Thailand only. However, their seed propagation has enabled it to spread to other neighboring countries with almost the same weather and temperature.

Ratchaphruek is a significant tree and is known in Thailand as a royal tree. It is also known in other names that signify with golden shower and golden rain. It is so named due to its small and yellow flowers. It is found along roadsides, parks, gardens, and in several areas for beautifying the landscape and is the national tree of Thailand.

Other trees like Frangipani, Krachiao, Bat Flower, and Mangrove Trumpet tree are famous worldwide, and their seeds are exported. Frangipani is also used for decoration as its flowers are pink, yellow, or white and have a good sweet smell. It is also used for making perfumes. Krachiao is a beautiful purple flower and is also known as Siamese tulip, and it is at the beginning of the rain season, it blooms best. However, the flower belongs to the family of turmeric and not a tulip. (

You may find the Bat Flower unique and extraordinary as it very neatly resembles a bat. It has rich purple-black bat flowers and is also known as the devil plant. It thrives in humid conditions, and therefore rainy season, you find it blooming all over Thailand, mainly in the forests. All these suggest that the Thai soil is host to numerous kinds of plant species.

There is yet another wonderful tree, and this is the Mangrove Trumpet tree. It is known as Tui in Thailand and has while flowers with long stems that resemble a trumpet. It is used in several Thai dishes, and Thai soup is quite famous. It is a popular tree that is usually grown in street walks and gardens.

All the above suggest that Thailand has plenty of plants and trees unique to it.




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