Taking Care of Your Chipped Tooth in Simple Ways

Your Chipped Tooth

Chip tooth often brings discomfort and pain when it is profound. However, even minor chipping can be unappealing as it can make any individual feel embarrassed while smiling. Read on to explore more! Following a few easy steps can help deter a chipped tooth accident. 

Lower sugar Intake 

Consuming high amounts of sugar is not just bad for teeth but also harms your general health. The harmful bacteria present in the mouth lives on sugar. These bacteria release acidic waste after devouring sugar, which in turn damages the enamel of your tooth. The acid produced by harmful bacteria is so detrimental that it causes tooth decay. Once your teeth start decaying, there are greater chances of you chipping a tooth. 

Limiting Acidic beverages and food items 

Beverages and food items that contain a high amount of acids play a significant role in weakening the tooth enamel and also cause tooth erosion. Although, teeth withstand erosion by self-repairing, known as demineralization, repeated exposure to acidic items can damage your teeth beyond self-repair. Your damaged teeth enamel is at a high risk of chipping.  

Acidic consumption items include:

  • Lemons
  • Alcohol especially wine 
  • Soda   
  • Tomatoes 
  • Oranges 

However, specific acid contains items that are beneficial for your overall health. Thus avoiding it entirely is not sensible. You can brush or rinse after consuming these items. Use a straw for drinking soda.  

Avoid chewing hard candy or ice 

The complex outer layer of the tooth is strong. However, despite its strength, the enamel can be chipped if you chew ice or hard candy. Instead of biting the ice or candy, try sucking it. Soon after, it is better to brush or rinse your mouth to remove excess sugar. 

Avoid using your teeth for anything other than chewing 

Eating and chewing require teeth. However, your teeth are not tools. Therefore, it is essential to avoid using your teeth as tools. Do not open packets or other items with your teeth. While you may save yourself the trouble of using scissors, you might be exposing your teeth to extra damage. 

Acid Reflux treatments 

Acid reflux happens when stomach acid reaches the mouth. While you may tolerate indigestion, your teeth suffer the damage of consistent exposure to acid. When your teeth get exposed to acid, the teeth enamel corrodes similarly when exposed to acidic food or beverage.  

Avoid teeth clenching or grinding 

Some people suffer from teeth grinding or clenching. Clenching or grinding your teeth can also damage them. The teeth’ enamel wears away with extreme pressure. A chipped tooth is also a result of teeth clenching. You can consult a dentist to avoid grinding teeth, reducing the threat of chipping a tooth as well.

Consume plenty of minerals and vitamins 

Your teeth also need minerals and vitamins to self-repair the damage done by wear and tear. Essential vitamins and minerals for your teeth include: 

  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D 
  • Magnesium 

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