Reasons To Rename Your Business And Why Using A Website Name Generator Is Your Best Bet

Shopify domain name generator is easy to use 

Once you’ve chosen your business name, you don’t want to change it. It involves a lot of work and it’s also not a good business practice. However, there may be circumstances that force you to do so. In these cases, you can use a good name generator tool to help you pick a good new name.

Why Would You Rename Your Business?

Changing your business name can be a big challenge. It involves trying to find the right name, registering it, and completing all the other formalities. You will also need to register the corresponding domain name. If it’s already taken, you have to find alternatives.

You  would like to avoid these troublesome issues, but some circumstances might force you to rethink the business name:

  • Copyright And Trademark Issues

You started out as a small business but now you have grown. Your current business name closely resembles that of an established brand. So you cannot use it to build a unique identity for yourself as it can lead to trademark issues. In this case, you have no choice but to change your name.

  • Company Reputation Has Been Damaged

Something has happened to damage your company’s reputation. Now people form a negative association with your business name.  

You’re rebuilding your business but you want to distance yourself from what happened and its impact. You give yourself a new start and a new identity.

  • Company Has Changed Hands 

Your business has been acquired by another company.  You may still be a partner. But the new company might want to rebrand to bring it in alignment with their own business. Or you might want to create a combined new brand.  In these cases, you would want to create a new name.

  • Your Business Has Grown Beyond Local

Your business started out as a corner shop but now it has grown so much you’re now establishing branches in several places. Your current name includes your town’s name but it no longer fits your expanding business. You give yourself a new name showing your expanding reach.

  • You Have Expanded Into New Markets

You started out selling health foods. Your business became a success and your growing resources has allowed you to diversify. Say, you’re now also selling gourmet food, and pet foods. You now want to rename your business to reflect your presence in other markets.

  • The Current Name Is Not A Perfect Fit For Your Business 


Brad’s Drink becomes Pepsi

You may want to make your business name more trendy and more in line with your business ideas.  For instance, can anyone think of Google reaching its current heights with its original name, BackRub?  Or Pepsi as Brad’s Drink? Maybe they would have still succeeded but the names wouldn’t have sounded so catchy.

  • A Product Or Strategy Has Given You A New Identity 

One of your products has become so successful people have forgotten your company name and refer to you using the name of the product. This is how ‘Research In Motion’ became BlackBerry.

Sometimes a business strategy may become so successful that it gives you its own identity  Sound of Music was a chain of stores selling High-Fidelity audio equipment. In 1981 its largest store was hit by a tornado. They held a Tornado Sale, to get rid of damaged goods, and offered Best Buys on all items. The sale became a huge success. They earned so much money through this sale, they soon rebranded themselves as Best Buy.

Why Should You Use a Website Name Generator?

There are many advantages to using a website name generator

  •  Using these tools, you just have to type in the keywords related to your business. You will then get several suggestions based on the keyword
  • They generate creative names associated with the keyword
  • They provide you with unique suggestions that you can use as brand names without facing any Trademark issues
  • They show the availability of domain names for the name you choose
  • They also suggest a set of relevant premium domain names along with prices that you can choose from
  • They cut down a lot of time and effort you would otherwise have to spend in coming up with new, unique names
  • They suggest good names that you can register both as a business name and as a domain name without having to search at different places

 Shopify Website Name Generator

Shopify domain name generator is easy to use 

Thinking of setting up an eCommerce business? Use Shopify domain name generator to come up with unique name suggestions. Just enter a keyword or a combination of words that’s relevant to your business, and search. You will get a list of possible extension for the word you have given. You will also get a list of alternative name suggestions if you cannot get the primary Top-Level-Domain you want with the original keyboard. Look at the alternate suggestions and pick a good name for which you can get the .com T-L-D.

With  Shopify, you can find the name you want. register the domain name, and then set up a shop to start selling, all in one place.

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