RDR2 how to kill the legendary wolf

The legendary wolf is one of the legendary animals in RDR2, you can hunt it and skin it, the legendary wolf skin and legendary wolf heart obtained can be used to make some specific items, so everyone knows how to find the legendary wolf and kill it Is it? The following editor will show you how to kill legendary bison rdr2 . Players who have not successfully killed the legendary wolf can refer to it. If you want to see more related articles on RDR2, you can visit gametopn.com .

1. Legendary wolf location

To kill the Legendary Wolf, you first need to find its haunt. The Legendary Wolf lives near Kotora Springs, east of the Grizzlies in the Cumberland Forest, New Hanover.

2. How to kill the legendary wolf

Want to kill the legendary wolf , first you need to track it down, here are the detailed steps on how to kill the legendary wolf in RDR2 :

1. First you prepare powerful weapons and ammo, the shotgun bought from the fence is a great weapon , the skins of legendary animals will not be damaged , so you can carry powerful weapons.

2. According to the location of the legendary wolf , ride horses to the area where it appears. At this time , a black box will appear in the upper left corner of the screen , indicating that you have entered the territory of the legendary wolf .

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3. At this time, you can dismount and move slowly until a white question mark appears on the map, which means that the hunting has started. If you do not see the pop-up black box and question mark, then you need to leave this area, and After camping nearby for a while and then returning, it will respawn.

4. At the white question, press the indicated button to find the 1st clue wolf poop, and then continue to track, you will find the 2nd clue fur at the stone position, continue to track to find the 3rd clue animal carcass .

5. Continue to move forward according to the 3rd clue. At this time , you should pay attention. Maybe the legendary wolf will rush to kill you directly. You should prepare to avoid and shoot at any time.

6. Investigating the feces, furs or animal carcasses left by the legendary wolf will reveal a path to you. After entering the eagle eye mode , you can view the path and walk along the path to see the legendary wolf .

7. After finding the legendary wolf, you can replenish the eye of death as needed, then use your weapon to aim at the head of the legendary wolf , you need to shoot as much as possible, after killing the legendary wolf , you can skin it. Also note that if the legendary wolf escapes during the hunt , you will need to leave the area and return to the camp to sleep for 72 hours before re-hunting

3. What is the use of killing the legendary wolf

After killing and skinning a Legendary Wolf, you can have Legendary Wolf Skins and Legendary Wolf Hearts , which you can use to craft some very useful rewards.

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The legendary wolf heart can be used to make wolf heart ornaments. You can go to the east side of the city of Saint Denis to find the fence. After approaching the fence , you can choose to buy other items for making wolf heart ornaments from his options , and then choose crafting to get wolf heart ornaments . Yes, it can double your tolerance to alcohol.

Legendary wolf hides can be sold to trappers for money and to unlock cosmetic gear, you can leave the legendary wolf hides on your horse and choose to sell from Trapper’s options , so you can sell them to unlock unique beast suits.

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