Rabbit Vibrators and Kegel Exercises: Strengthening Your Intimate Muscles

This might be blunt, but here it is – if your vagina isn’t healthy, you aren’t healthy. The intimate muscles, aka the Kegels, are a muscle just like your biceps and need training, too. And what better way to train there than mixing it with pleasure? 

The unlikely ally in your intimate workouts – the rabbit women toy, a pal through and through. Let’s explore how the bunny vibrators can act as your Kegel exercisers, thus delivering you more robust, more satisfying orgasms.

Understanding the Importance of Kegel Exercises

Intimate muscles, also known as pelvic floor muscles, support your nether regions, including the bladder, uterus, and rectum. A strong pelvic floor is an absolute must, more so than toned abs, trust us – because it gives you improved orgasms and enhanced sensations during intimacy. 

Kegel Exercises: The Foundation of Pelvic Floor Strength

Kegel exercises are a workout for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It’s easy to do and may often even coincide with chores and even binge-watching your favorite TV series. 

All of this is that it is super easy to do a Kegel workout. Doing Kegels offer several benefits:

Improved Muscle Tone

  • Kegel exercises specifically target and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, enhancing their tone and functionality.

Prevention and Management

  • Regular Kegel exercises can prevent issues such as pee incontinence and are also used to manage and treat these problems when they arise.

Enhanced Pleasure

  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles can increase sexual pleasure by a hundredfold, boosting your sensitivity and improving the ability to achieve more intense orgasms.

Doing Kegels is absolutely necessary and really should become a part of your daily routine, whenever and wherever you are. On the other hand, if you want to make it a special time…

Combining Rabbit Vibrators and Kegel Exercises

So how would it even work putting your Kegel exercises and rabbit, the women’s toy, together? First, it is a potent strategy for achieving optimal pelvic floor health, plus a chance to score really juicy climaxes. Here’s how you can make this work:

  • Start with Kegels

Begin your pelvic floor workout. Contract and rhythmically relax your pelvic floor muscles. Focus on engaging these muscles as you would when stopping the process of peeing. Perform three sets of ten repetitions.

  • Introduce the Rabbit 

Now it’s time to turn on your bunny vibe. The vibrations and sensations will naturally engage the pelvic floor muscles. As you peak in pleasure, your muscles will continue to contract, giving you even more efficiency.

  • Simultaneous Stimulation

While using the rabbit vibrator, perform Kegels simultaneously. Contract your pelvic floor muscles in time with the vibrations, allowing the sensations to guide you. This dual approach can lead to more effective muscle strengthening. Surf the vibration settings to switch up your routine.

Selecting the Right Bunny Vibrator

When choosing a rabbit for your pelvic floor health routine, consider the following factors:

  • Material

Ensure that the vibrator is made from body-safe, non-porous materials to avoid any potential health risks.

  • Size and Shape

Choose a women’s rabbit toy, keeping in mind the woman’s body anatomy and the distance between the vag opening and the clit.

  • Vibration Strength

Opt for a vibrator with adjustable vibration settings so you can control the intensity and use the patterns as workout inspiration.

Kegels Exercises and Rabbit Toys For Women Is A Dream Team

Strengthening your intimate muscles is essential to sexual wellness and overall health. Combining rabbit vibes and Kegels provides a pleasurable and effective approach to achieving beautiful, intense, more satisfying orgasms.

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