Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Transcription Service Provider

Transcription Service Provider


Transcription is a term used to refer to converting speech to text. Whether for school projects or professional needs, it is crucial to find reliable service providers for Back office support services. Hence, you need to know how to pick the right service provider for you. This post will highlight some critical questions you should consider before settling on one transcription service provider.

1. What is their turnaround time?

Good transcriptionists deliver results in real-time. They deliver results in a fast and accurate fashion. In your search for a reliable company, look for a company that offers same-day results that will enable you to meet set deadlines. Furthermore, working with a team of efficient transcriptionists will ensure that you get more work in shorter duration as compared to one that is slow in delivering results. Good transcription companies hire qualified individuals who also know proper English or specified language grammar. That is because good punctuation is key to achieving a good transcript.

2. Do they have a solid confidentiality agreement?

Confidentiality is essential in the normal running of a business, especially in transcription. You should seek to hire a company with in-house transcriptionists who will ensure confidentiality between you and the company. Further, it is essential to note that all employees of a good transcription company are obligated to agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement. That means your work cannot be shared with any other party. In addition, their entire identities are verified because they have undergone a rigorous background check.

3. How do they deliver their transcripts?

After the work is completed, it is now time for the client to check whether the content was transcribed to their satisfaction. The mode of delivery is essential because it determines whether the transcripts are safe or can be compromised. Email is always the most straightforward way but also the most vulnerable. This means that third parties not allowed access can access. Hence, when choosing a transcription company, choose one that delivers transcripts via an alternative delivery or uploading system, which is much safer. However, you may also pick one that delivers via email if it is the best option for you.

4. What is the quality of the results?

Many transcription services like to deliver results fast but compromise the quality of the results. Therefore, do not be deceived by the impressive turnaround time because the quality of the transcripts might be substandard. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider whether they deliver on their promises. If you hire the cheapest service provider, the chances are that the transcript will not meet your expectations. Therefore, hiring a service provider with a reasonable turnaround time and good-quality transcripts is the most viable option.

5. Are there other companies with similar services?

Variety is always an important aspect when it comes to choosing a transcriber. Before making a decision, ensure you do thorough research and locate focus groups. You will find that some companies are more convenient because they have mobile applications that provide automatic transcription services. Furthermore, compare the quality of services and prices against each other to make a well-informed decision. Regardless, it is essential to know that some services charge more for low-quality services.

6. Do they offer transcription for high-volume content?

If you are in law or are a medic, you will probably have a large volume of content to be transcribed. Therefore, before selecting a service provider, and you have a sizable audio transcription project, consider if they take long projects. If they do, also consider their turnaround time for long projects. Do not select a company that will hurriedly transcribe and make errors while at it.

7. Are they reliable?

Before selecting a transcription company, consider whether they are reliable and committed to their promises. To this end, look for reviews on the company and see what the clients are saying about their services. This will shed more light.


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