Predict IPL Highest Score Results By Following Five Simple Steps

IPL Highest Score Results

It is an exciting time for cricket lovers across the world because IPL 2021 is all set to come back to the screens for its second phase. After starting on a celebratory note like always, this year’s IPL had to be shelved due to the increasing number of COVID cases in different camps. But now, as the tournament is coming back, the fans have donned their thinking caps once again in terms of predicting match outcomes. And here are a few factors that can help you in that regard. Predict IPL Highest Score Results By Following Five Simple Steps-

1. Get to know the details of the previous matches 

Whether you are planning to engage in some cricket betting or want to predict the highest scores for fun, you need to figure out the details of the earlier matches. And by previous records, we don’t mean only the matches between the two teams playing against each other. You will also need to know the individual track record of each of the teams.  

For instance, Punjab Kings might have a great record when it comes to playing against Royal Challengers Bangalore, but have they been playing well in the last five IPL matches? It is important to understand which team has the winning momentum that they are likely to continue. 

2. Check the records of the batsmen playing that day 

Before predicting IPL highest score, you need to look at the earlier performances of the batsmen playing that day. So, it is better not to predict anything before you have the entire team sheet in hand. What if you pinned all your hopes on KL Rahul, and he simply couldn’t play that day because of his urgent appendicitis surgery? 

After you have your team sheet in hand, start researching the batsmen in each team. If you are an ardent follower of every IPL match, you probably already know about their performances. If not, take some time out and find out these details about the batsmen playing on that day from cricket betting sites. 

3. Look at the previous performance of the bowlers 

Every season of IPL has a few star bowlers who never fail to deliver in every match. For instance, Jasprit Bumrah, with his average of 15.73, was the top bowler in the previous season of IPL. For IPL 2021, Harshal Patel and Avesh Khan have held the top ranks for the best bowler until now.  Though a lot can change in the second phase of the tournament, you can be assured that Patel and Khan will continue to deliver as they did in phase one.So, when you are trying to predict IPL highest score, consider the top bowlers playing for each team. 

4. The weather condition on the day of the match 

An important factor that even many avid cricket fans fail to take into account is the weather condition on the match day. After all, a team can have the best bowlers and batsman, but it would mean nothing if the weather gods decide to play fowl that day. Some of the most awaited IPL matches have been cancelled due to rain or decided based on the Duckworth-Lewis method. 

Moreover, whether the conditions are sunny or rainy also have a major role to play in deciding how well the bowlers or batsmen will be able to perform. Keep in mind that sunny days are great for the batsmen, while bowlers prefer cloud cover. 

5. Consider the pitch report for the match 

Now, the pitch report for all the IPL matches might be hard to come by because many stadiums are having new pitches laid out for the games. Regardless of that, you need to research the pitch. If possible, find out how the teams have fared earlier on that pitch.  

Additionally, turn to your screens about forty-five minutes before the match starts. The commentators will start talking about the pitch during this time, and you can take your clues from that. 

The bottom line 

Keep in mind that you need the live update of every match to know whether your prediction is going the right way or not. So, get a reliable cricket app downloaded on your mobile beforehand. You wouldn’t want to miss any of the action, right? 

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