Pontoon Building Guide


Pontoon Building Guide will let you know how to open Structure, the most ideal way to construct, and how to shark proof your pontoon – – alongside certain tips and deceives, as well!

Instructions to Open Pontoon Building

You can open Pontoon Working by Creating a Structure Mallet. You will be able to access most of the major construction components with this. However, you will still need to conduct research in order to gain access to the various workbenches and devices that you will want to include in your raft. For more information, go to boevents.de. Is There a Limit to the Size of Your Raft?

As far as we know, your Raft can be any size. However, to propel larger rafts forward at a respectable speed, additional engines may be required. Depending on how powerful your PC is, larger rafts may also result in lower frame rates or other performance issues.

How to Turn Your Raft in Raft and Unlock the Steering Wheel 

A steering wheel can be used to turn your raft in raft. The Steering Wheel can be obtained by progressing through the Story.

Best Method for Building in Raft 

The best method for building in Raft is to ensure that there is room for expansion. In the beginning of the game, your initial Raft design might work well for you, but as you explore more islands, you’ll probably need more room.

Engines, for instance, necessitate a significant amount of infrastructure to function. To make biofuel, you’ll need a farm, beehives, and biofuel refiners. This can undoubtedly add 30 or 40 Establishments worth of room on your Pontoon relying upon how aggressive you might want to be.

Creatures, as well, are another worry. Later on in the game, you will be able to tame creatures, but you will need to provide them with enough food and space to live in. You can simply add another floor to your existing Raft if you want to expand vertically as well as horizontally.


How to Put Foundation Armor on Your Raft to Protect 


It From Sharks You can put Foundation Armor on all of your raft’s outer parts to protect it from sharks. Before you are able to construct Foundation Armor, you will need to investigate Scrap, Metal, and the Nail.

How to Make Foundation Armor 

To make foundation armor, equip your Building Hammer, hold down the right click key, select Foundation from the list at the top, and scroll to the right.


Nothing is Super durable

Absolutely everything can change about your Pontoon assuming you’re willing to invest the effort. As I’ve mentioned before, as you progress through the Story, you will undoubtedly want to expand your raft in some way.

Changes to your Raft are completely acceptable. It never hurts to try new things, and if you’re not sure about something, you can always play around with it in

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