PayPal casino – the most safety and reliable casino 2023

Casino with PayPal – what is it?

PayPal casinos are online casinos that are characterized by the fact that in addition to the usual payment methods such as bank transfers and credit cards, there is also a deposit through PayPal. Since this payment method offers huge advantages, it is an important criterion when choosing the best casino. Since only large and reputable casinos can even qualify for a PayPal license, a secure payment method is also a guarantee of a well-run online casino.

Differences of PayPal casinos to online casinos

The differences of PayPal casinos to normal online casinos are manifold and stand out obviously by the deposit method PayPal. But where is actually the difference here? While you can deposit in normal online casinos with renowned payment methods such as Paysafecard, Sofort or other e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, the only true payment method PayPal is missing. With just 2 clicks you can make a deposit at any PayPal casino and start playing immediately. The deposit is conveniently and completely anonymously debited from your account by direct debit. Only a discrete subject from PayPal is displayed on your account and no details about the intended use. Furthermore, PayPal debits your account by direct debit, which allows an immediate deposit. Furthermore, every deposit and withdrawal is encrypted according to the highest standards and is absolutely secure. In summary, PayPal combines the advantages of secure execution with fast processing to guarantee a smooth transaction to online casinos. The payment process via PayPal is therefore ideally suited for all those who want to flexibly pursue their passion in the online casino and who do not want to do without a high level of comfort in payment processing.

TOP 5 casinos with PayPal

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2 888 Casino $20 FREE

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3 Caesars 25 REWARD SPINS

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  • 25 Reward Spins on Starburst
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4 BetMGM $25 FREE

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  • $25 Freeplay On Sign Up
  • 100% Deposit Match up to $1,000
5 DraftKings $35 CASINO CREDITS

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  • $35 Casino Credits on Sign Up
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  • 100% Match up to $2,000 (15x PTR)

PayPal account

The PayPal account is an electronic wallet (cyberwallet) that is opened on the Internet and is also a payment method that is used exclusively via the Internet. Accordingly, the term “e-wallet” has also become established. The great advantage of a PayPal account is that funds are transferred immediately from one PayPal account to the other, so that at the touch of a button the money is already with the recipient. Deposited with a PayPal account is the own account number, which is verified and serves as a reference account. Payments via PayPal can either be debited from an existing PayPal balance or be offset with deposited payment methods. This includes, in addition to the said current account, other possible accounts or credit cards that can be stored in the PayPal account and set up as payment methods. Payment by PayPal can therefore mean both the debiting of PayPal credit as well as the indirect debiting of account or credit cards, without having to do without the fast payment by PayPal.

Why play in PayPal casinos?

While you can quickly lose track of the large selection of online casinos, you have the absolute certainty of trust and respectability with PayPal casinos. Why? Because only companies licensed in the EU can enter into a partnership with PayPal. With PayPal casinos, you can therefore assume a license within the European Union and with an absolute guarantee of a secure deposit and withdrawal, as well as fair and legal processes in the games. Every PayPal casino has at least a payout rate of 95% and in most cases even up to 98%. So you can deposit with PayPal in good conscience and trust the casinos we have described. Another advantage in the PayPal Casino: If the deposits or withdrawals for the casino account are processed via PayPal, the visitor of the online casino does not have to disclose any personal banking information to the casino. The personal banking information is stored exclusively at PayPal and there they are as secure as at any other bank. The advantage is obvious. The security of the personal data and the account movements of the commercial bank, through which all other payments are processed, remain absolutely anonymous for the online casino. Deposits to the casino account, which are processed via PayPal, are free of charge and are immediately available to the casino account! But beware: for gambling addicts, the payment intermediary can be a major disadvantage, as deposits can be made here relatively unrestrained.

Is PayPal a seal of quality for casinos?

In order to be sure that you have come to a top reputable casino that meets your deposit and especially withdrawal requests also securely and quickly, PayPal has really proven itself. Only online casinos with a valid EU license can use PayPal as a payment method for their players. So if you sign up with a PayPal casino, then you can be sure that this provider not only seriously deals with your deposited and won money, but also assumes a valid license in the European area. PayPal proves itself here already by its presence as a seal of quality for online casinos. 

Security in PayPal Casinos

The security in the PayPal casinos can be made clear at several points. First of all, it must be clear: if you are redirected to the PayPal page when depositing, then of course to a login screen with an SSL certificate, which can be recognized by the security symbol in the bar. SSL encryption is the best way to adequately secure a website. PayPal uses the most modern G2 root certificate with 1024 bit encryption. It is not without reason that the payment provider has been confirmed as a “secure payment method”. But that’s not all: PayPal attaches great importance to anonymity and so you can, for example, be completely anonymous and directly from your bank account by direct debit to your PayPal account. This ensures that even the bank employees can not assess what you do with your money. Absolute security and anonymity is guaranteed here. Finally, it should be noted that PayPal works closely with the European Union regarding data protection and the correct exercise of the General Data Protection Regulation. Here PayPal has to be a role model.

PayPal Casino Trend in 2023

The special attraction of a game in a casino is only the real money stake of a certain amount of money. In times of various gambling licenses (Malta, Curacao or Schleswig-Holstein) and fraudulent casinos, especially the payment method still offers the greatest confidence. A reputable PayPal online casino offers you also in the new year the possibility to play casino with a real money stake and of course to get the winnings paid out to the PayPal account at any time if desired. One of the largest internationally operating companies for online money transfer is PayPal. In the meantime, international payment transactions are processed online on a large scale worldwide via PayPal. The company guarantees a secure payment environment. Also at the beginning of 2023 PayPal is the guarantor for respectability and a safe payment transaction. So if you want to provide your stake in the online casino in the form of real money, you will find the optimal payment option via PayPal. The desired amount is immediately available for the game stake.

Why choose PayPal as a payment method?

A representative survey by Forsa showed that one in six people in Europe already uses payment methods such as PayPal on the Internet – with an upward trend. In the future, therefore, PayPal will continue to offer superiority over conservative methods of depositing money. PayPal offers the large advantage that with the input of the PayPal and the choice of the payment method over PayPal the deposit is immediately settled and immediately the money on the account is available. The deposit via PayPal is therefore the fastest way to immediately enjoy the fun in the casino without having to wait a long time for the money to arrive. The PayPal variant is no less attractive for a payout of the possibly increased balance through winnings. Because even with a transfer to the PayPal account, the payout of your money takes place immediately and after completing the payout process, the corresponding money is immediately available on the PayPal account. The San Jose, California-based service provider also handles each transaction completely anonymously and securely, despite any benefits of the Third Country Regulation regarding the General Data Protection Regulation. Each of your bookings to the casino can be made with just two clicks while simultaneously verifying your identity. This overall package has proven itself very well and found to be unreservedly recommendable.

Responsible gambling

Gambling is a lot of fun and offers us the opportunity to escape from everyday life for a bit and immerse ourselves in another world. Those who handle gambling responsibly will see it as a form of entertainment, just like going to the movies or shopping. Gambling addiction is a serious issue for any gambler as you often don’t notice the symptoms until you are no longer in complete control of your gambling.

What exactly is gambling addiction?

But gambling can also make us sick. In common parlance, pathological gambling or compulsive gambling is referred to as “gambling addiction”. This means that the person concerned develops habits that can be described as problematic. These habits and actions are pathological when they are constantly performed without any rational reason and the affected person can no longer control them. He will also cause harm to himself and others around him.

How can you tell if you are addicted to gambling?

It is not possible to clearly determine at what point a person becomes addicted to gambling mania, because as with other addictions such as alcohol and nicotine addiction, pathological gambling is also a process that develops. If it comes to the point that the game dominates the gambler, then it will gradually come to neglect friends, family and also professional obligations. This can lead to the loss of the job. Then, in order to be able to finance the addiction, friends and relatives are lied to and it can even lead to criminal acts. How high the percentage of gambling addicts is cannot be determined exactly, because the number of unreported cases is very high. According to experts, the prevalence rate is around 3%.

Where can you find help?

Fortunately, there are many places for affected gamblers and also for their relatives to turn to. These include counseling centers, self-help groups and clinics. In every large city there are contact points in the vicinity. There you can get initial information about addiction and the options for therapy, which is usually financed by health insurance companies. These are either outpatient group or individual therapies that last about a year. The advantage of this is that you can remain in your social environment and continue to work.


In the case of severe disorders, inpatient treatment may also be an option. The time of treatment depends on the progress of the treatment and also on the costs.


A self-help group is also recommended, where those affected can meet regularly and exchange experiences. Even if you think you have overcome the problem, attending the group is beneficial because you can support other sufferers there.

Contact details of PayPal

Company name: PayPal Holdings, Inc.
Industry: Financial Services
Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States
Founders:  Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Yu Pan
Fraud opportunities: Very low risk
Real-time payments:  Yes
Support quality:  Very high


PayPal’s customer support is really exemplary and is always serious and competent. If you have questions about the service or the buyer protection, you will always be helped quickly and efficiently. This is how you get in touch with PayPal:


Customer support:


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