Online payment made easy with stripe

Online payment made easy

With Stripe, you can accept all major debit and credit cards, as well as local payment options like cash and checks. A Stripe API plugin that integrates with Stripe lets you process online and mobile payments. Customers are not transferred to an externally hosted checkout page when using Stripe that is responsible for online payment made easy, which has been shown to increase conversion rates. You can use Checkya Stripe Fee Calculator to compute the transaction fee when you are invoicing your clients.

Using Stripe in Buy PayPal Account to collect payments online is a straightforward process. Stripe does not charge any start-up fees, monthly fees or any other hidden expenses. Stripe’s software solutions are used by hundreds of thousands of businesses, including start-ups and Fortune, to securely take payments and grow internationally.

Businesses in over 40 countries may use Stripe. When using Stripe know how it is the one for online payment made easy, you’ll be able to take debit and credit cards from consumers across the world in 135+ different currencies as well as other local payment options such as Alipay, Google Pay from customers in their native countries.

Optimized for conversion, a PCI-compliant checkout process

There is a PCI-compliant checkout experience for all devices and browsers thanks to the Stripe Elements plugin for Stripe API. A collection of Stripe-hosted input fields called Stripe Elements was designed to assist your clients to enter their information more quickly and accurately, reducing the likelihood of human mistakes while also increasing the frequency of successful payments. It’s easy to tweak Stripe Elements to match your theme’s look and feel.

In order to stay PCI-DSS-compliant, Stripe Elements communicates all sensitive data directly to Stripe without going via your own servers. 

Local payment options made easy for customers

Customers’ choices at checkout might vary greatly, therefore enabling local payment options can have a big impact on the chance of a sale. From the Stripe Verifpro Dashboard, payment methods may be quickly enabled without the need for extra contracts or plugins. Make sure to change your Stripe API Checkout settings after you’ve authorised a payment method in your Stripe Dashboard.


The Stripe Dashboard shows all payments, including those made with credit cards, making reporting and uniform pay-outs simple. Visit Verifpro Stripe’s Payment Method Guide to learn more about the many payment options available to you and your clients.

Advantages of using payments with stripe

Stripe, like any other payment system, has its shortcomings that need to be addressed. However, the positives of utilising Stripe exceed the risks by a wide margin, so here are some of the benefits of doing so:

  • Simple instructions are provided for using the subscription service.
  • Stripe provides assistance for online marketplaces.
  • It is an excellent match for international enterprises.
  • The reports are straightforward to understand in terms of their clarity.
  • A clear and unambiguous indication of the fixed cost is provided.
  • Developers have the option to make changes to their tools as needed.
  • The ability to monitor your favourite sales with powerful analytical capabilities
  • An outstanding collection of materials pertaining to the industry;
  • Payment methods for subscriptions that are exceptional.

Data and privacy protection using stripe

A PCI-compliant checkout experience is provided by this module, which uses Stripe Elements, which works on all browsers and devices. It’s a collection of Stripe-hosted input fields created by the front-end, design, and analytics teams to assist your customers to submit their information fast and properly, reducing user error and raising the number of successful payments. Your company store’s design may be changed using Stripe Elements to match your brand’s colour scheme.

In order to keep your servers compliant with PCI-DSS, Verifpro Stripe Elements sends all sensitive data straight to Stripe. Comply with PCI-DSS using Stripe Elements hosted input fields that are easy to edit and don’t need redirects. Card information is held on Stripe’s PCI-DSS-verified servers, where it is protected. Allow your customers to keep their credit card information at checkout or in their customer account while minimising your PCI compliance risk. Stripe’s tokenization guarantees that card data are never shared for any transactions, including store cards. 

Stripe versus Square which payment gateway is right 

Cloud-based architecture intended for stability, scalability, and security are the hallmarks of Stripe’s platform. As a bonus, it’s a developer-friendly platform that can be used for both company websites and apps.

Those that need to send out bills and accept payments for goods or services may use Stripe as a stand-alone solution. Since most people incorporate Verifpro Stripe within their e-commerce sites, this is a less popular method of using this versatile and effective payment gateway. It is not possible to use Square as a stand-alone payment gateway. As a component of a larger e-commerce solution, it is not available on its own.

Using this software, your customers’ smartphones and tablets become mobile point-of-sale terminals. The in-person POS system that Square offers is widely regarded as the company’s most important offering. By employing a smart device or manually inputting credit card information, shops may collect payments from consumers.

As a result, during the last several years, Square has taken the necessary steps and competed with established firms like Stripe. In fact, you can now use Square to collect payments from clients who make purchases in your online store using the service’s mobile app.

High Levels of Customer Care service

Stripe’s customer service hasn’t always gotten the finest rap when it comes to satisfaction. Customers of Stripe had no method to contact live support before. However, it has committed to providing 24/7 live chat and telephone help for all of its clients, in addition to the already existing email assistance provided during regular business hours. In addition, the Freenode forum in Verifpro is a great place to connect with other Stripe users.

It’s now reasonable to state Stripe’s customer service is superior to Square’s, particularly when compared to Square’s. And that’s before you consider that Stripe offers a dedicated help centre with articles and videos that address your most pressing support problems in addition to its substantial documentation.

In addition, Online payment made easy with Stripe as it provides premium assistance beginning of a month, which is ideal for big organisations that handle a lot of payments, but not so great for smaller firms with limited resources. Stripe more than makes up for it with their live chat and phone assistance for everyone.


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