How online casinos smashed the stigma to enjoy widespread adoption

online casinos

Online gambling has been around since the early 1990s but it is only in the last couple of years that it has found its place in the mainstream. Prior to the current day, it was an activity that was pursued with an element of shame upon it- people didn’t talk about it and any kind of gambling was seen as a vice. But thankfully, times have changed and in 2020 we are seeing widespread adoption of various forms of online betting via mobile, tablet and computer. 

But how did we get there? Let’s take a look.

The big gambling taboo

There are many reasons why Online Cricket Betting ID was often considered as taboo. In some countries, it is due to religious or cultural rules that prohibit gambling and games of chance. Gambling is still illegal in some more conservative states but others are lifting or at least relaxing the rules. Another reason why gambling has previously been frowned upon is because some consider it to be addictive. Thankfully now, licensed operators run responsible gaming policies and monitor user usage to prevent situations like this. There are also self-exclusion policies where  Cricket ID players can limit themselves based on deposits or wagers.

The change


Before the internet, gambling was usually done in bricks-and-mortar casinos and gambling houses. But as soon as online gambling came along, things started to change. Antigua and Barbuda was the first jurisdiction to create a legal framework for online gambling, and in 1996, Kahnawake became the second. From there, more and more countries started offering licensing including the UK, Malta, and Curacao. As more and more online casinos started to pop up, the stigma surrounding them decreased as people of all ages and backgrounds began to enjoy them.


Nowadays, the majority of online gamblers access online casinos on their mobile phones. They are younger than previous gambling fans and are happy to play slots and poker alongside other kinds of mobile games. Sites have sprung up to review and present offers from an endless list of new brands, from LeoVegas to Unibet, 22bet to 10CRIC. Each game on offer has a different average return rate and users take their chances in their spare time, between shifts, or while on public transport.

With millennials far more likely to snap up increasingly varied opportunities, big changes have come about in the way online gambling is offered. For example, games are more modern looking and based on contemporary culture. Websites are slick and well designed and apps are easily downloaded to ensure pocket gaming runs smoothly. The demands of this new audience have catapulted online gambling into a new zone.

The future

The future of online gambling is looking super exciting. The popularity of online games with younger players means that there is a demand for the integration of new technologies. This includes cryptocurrency for deposits, wagers, and withdrawals and virtual reality. Other technologies that are expected to further disrupt the market and bring it more into the mainstream include eSports, artificial intelligence, and more live gaming opportunities.

What we’ve seen in the last 24 years is a huge transformation of the idea of gambling. Now online betting and casino games have become a normal part of entertainment culture both in India and globally.

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