Multiple PDFBear Functions: Repair, Lock, and Convert Your PDFs

Multiple PDFBear Functions

PDF files continue to grow as one of the most capable electronic file formats. It is believed and foreseen to last for the next hundred years because of its simplistic yet efficient design. Its compactness and versatility to all devices and operating systems make it the ideal file format for any user. However, you need an extra tool to handle them more productively. Provided that PDFs are less-modifiable, you will need an extra hand for managing them. PDFBear is one of the most trustworthy and reliable online PDF tools nowadays. With its vast set of practical tools, you can call this web-based tool your one-stop-shop, only that you need not spend a dime. We will dig into its multiple PDFBear Functions and learn how to use them. 

Preventing Yourself From Corrupted PDFs

Before we uncover how to repair PDF, password-protect PDF, and convert PDFs using PDFBear, we will briefly discuss how to prevent having corrupted or damaged PDFs. First of all, you must ensure your internet connection is adequately put before your start downloading any PDF file.  Internet interruptions might result in these file damages. 

Also, make sure that your computer is free from any virus to ensure your file’s safety. Viruses can affect the file content during download and might end up as severely damaged files. Thus, your downloaded PDF cannot be viewed and opened at all. Power interruptions are also factors contributing to these corrupted PDFs but are merely inevitable. 

Repairing Damaged/Corrupted PDFs

Provided that you have done all you can but you had the unfortunate timing of acquiring a corrupted PDF, how do you surpass this dilemma using PDFBear? With this web-based PDF tool, you can avail yourself of many free services, including repairing damaged/corrupted PDFs. Yes, you can use them for free! 

PDFBear is quite the ideal choice as it blends well with all operating systems and devices. You can even perform these operations on your mobile phones! Take note that you must have a good or stable internet connection. You can start by tapping the “Repair PDF” option from the PDFBear main page. 

Then, you upload your corrupted PDF by clicking the center button and locate your file. As you upload, PDFBear will automatically repair your file after the uploading process. All of these will take only less than a minute, and you can now save your newly restored PDF file! If you want to transfer the file faster online, you can make use of its URL. 

Safeguard PDF with Password

As you can see, PDFBear is pretty straightforward to use and can save much of your time. You can access this web-based PDF tool anytime and anywhere without compromising the quality of your work. If you currently handle a PDF file with sensitive or confidential content, it is recommendable to safeguard it with strong password protection. 

You can take advantage of PDFBear’s 256-bit encryption protocol and secure your content with ease. Just open your most preferred web browser and proceed to the PDFBear main page. Tap the “Protect PDF” option, upload your confidential PDF, and input your personalized password. Download your newly encrypted PDF, and you are good to go! 

Safe To Use PDF Converter

PDFBear provides safety and efficiency to its users. It adheres to the best consumer privacy standards and ensures that your files remain within your visuals only. It also works with Solid Documents to enhance the user’s confidence as you can use quality online tools. A safe to use PDF converter is commonly searched nowadays. 

PDFBear’s PDF converter can transfigure your typical electronic files to PDF and the other way around. Provided that PDFs are more compact and flexible than other file formats, most people tend to convert their files into this format. Also, they maintain your file content consistent and overcomes the common problem of file formatting complications. (  

However, if you need to convert your PDF to its most editable format, you might want to consider upgrading to PDFBear PRO. This upgrade will give you unlimited access to editing your file content and conversion tasks as well. Try out PDFBear’s 14-day free trial to see for yourself and experience its efficiency, convenience, and accessibility. 


PDFBear is not limited to these useful functions only. If you have oversized PDFs, you can also rely on this online tool by optimizing its PDF compressor. You can also use the split and merge PDF to separate and combine PDF pages with ease. Check out their main page to see all of the available services PDFBear has.

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