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Mostbet is a popular and licensed betting site with a simple interface, quick registration, and a multitude of payment options. These are the reasons why many gamblers choose to play precisely here. One more reason is the availability of the Aviator game from Spribe Mostbet Aviator is an innovative crash slot that appeared in 2019 and is still popular. If users want to start playing this game, they should consider doing it in the Mostbet casino. 

How to play Aviator in Mostbet 

  1. Open the Mostbet casino (check in advance whether it’s available in the country) and create a player account. 
  2. Once it’s completed, visit the Mostbet com Aviator tab. Rounds last truly fast, so gamblers should have time to bet every 15 seconds until the plane flies away. 
  3. Cash out the winnings before the aircraft takes off and place the following bets in just a few seconds. 
  4. Specify the bet (from $0.10 to $100) and the various settings (specify, for example, the maximum bet to reach. So, if the plane rises to this amount, players will automatically receive a win).
  5. Keep a close eye on the pilot’s progress. Every round creates completely new and random multipliers that can reach high values (max win is $10,000 per round).
  6. Withdraw the winnings before the plane flies away. The goal is not to cash out too early or too late.

Demo version 

If gamblers want to develop some tactics, techniques, or strategies to win, it’s essential to be able to practice without risking losing real money. That’s why Scribe, the brand behind the aviator game, allows discovering all the Aviator game Mostbet for free. This crash game doesn’t require registration and deposit. Practice as much as it takes to be ready to get real money with an online casino bonus.

How does Aviator game work

Mostbet Aviator belongs to the crash games category. This game is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG). It decides how the airplane takes off and flies higher and higher until it flies off the screen. The higher the plane flies before escaping, the higher the bet multiplier.

Features of Aviator Mostbet

Mostbet com Aviator has many distinctive features influencing their widespread acceptance in the gaming community. Mostbet casino is one of several companies that offers this game’s particularities and ensures the best playing experience. 

  • Live chat for players to communicate and get acquainted with other players. It also includes a display where players see when and how much they won. 
  • The real-time statistics panel displays the statistics of wins and losses. It shows all bets placed and their results. This feature often influences players’ decisions to wager a certain amount of money, so players should be careful.
  • Free betting is also available to new players. This allows them to bet for free to understand the game better.
  • Players make bets manually or automatically. The auto-withdrawal option helps players automatically cash out money on a set target. Of course, if the plane crashes before this multiplier is reached, gamblers will lose their bet. Note: enabling automatic withdrawal doesn’t forbid the withdrawal of funds manually. This is why some players activate automatic withdrawals with a medium or even high multiplier, such as 20, 30, or more, and withdraw early if they think the plane is going to crash. (Ambien)

Aviator strategies

There is no 100% winning strategy in the Aviator game Mostbet because it’s based on a random number generator. For example, poker and blackjack have systems that help beat the casino. However, it has none, as every round in the game is 100% random. The plane could very well crash three times in a row at 1.01 magnification, or fly at x50, then x40, then x140 multipliers. Nothing is predictable, and that’s what makes this game so great.

Read also the Aviator app.

How to win Aviator 

Tips and tricks are not the methods to win every time. It’s just a way to reduce the house edge by not playing randomly.

Bet big on low multipliers and bet low on high multipliers

Players make a big bet on a low auto-withdrawal multiplier and a small bet on a high multiplier. This limits the risk and maintains a stable balance due to the significant rate. A small bet will help to increase the balance quickly.

Withdraw funds as soon as possible

Bet more than usual and withdraw with relatively low multipliers. The idea here is to secure regular, albeit small, wins and withdraw funds from the casino after making enough profit. Be careful: betting more than usual can lead to faster losses in the event of a losing streak.

Martingale strategy

This technique is well-known to many casino players and is dangerous for a number of reasons. The martingale technique is to start with a small bet and double it for every lost bet. €1 bet – lose – €2 bet – lose – €4 bet – lose – €8 bet – win. Bet a total of 15 euros and won 16 euros on the last spin. This represents a profit of €1. This technique can be hazardous if gamblers don’t have a big bankroll.

Payment methods 

Before starting playing on real money, gamblers should revise all the payment options available and their limits, so it will not be a surprise.

Payment method Minimum deposit Minimum withdraw
Visa/Mastercard $2 $10
Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Ecopayz, Qiwi $2 $10
Bank transfer $10 $50
Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin $2 $10


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