Morgan Freeman Biography and Top 10 Movies in his life

Morgan Freeman Biography

Morgan Freeman wanted to become a fighter pilot. After completing his education from higher school, he likes to join the Air force. But soon after he came to know that fighter pilot was not his dream. It was not a career for him, so he left. He started his acting career. He took some years to gain limited success, but now he has become one of the biggest Hollywood stars. Here’s Morgan Freeman Biography.

Morgan Freeman Biography:

Early life:

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His date of birth is June 1, 1937. He was the youngest of five kids. A low-income house, in which Freeman was raised. Soon after his birth, his parents moved towards Chicago in search of work. He lived with his maternal grandmother, who was in Charleston, Mississippi, while his parents were looking for jobs. He moved towards the north to live with his mother after the death of his grandmother. 

His mother had decided to live separate from his husband. So, they started to live in Greenwood. Morgan Freeman got inspired by his favorite actors, for instance, Sidney Poitier, Gary Cooper, and Spencer Tracy. He participates in a drama competition in his school as punished by the teacher for some mistakes. The performance was extraordinary even when he was only 12 years old.

Military Service:

He has an idea in his heart to be a fighter pilot. In 1995, he refused to enjoy the drama scholarship and joined the Air force in the U.S. But the experience was not the same he had expected. He was put down to be a technician. He also noticed that he did not want to be a reason for other’s laughter. 

Big Break:

In the year 1967 in which he got married to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw, the big break in his career came into existence. He took part in all African American Broadway productions. Meanwhile, he also presented in off-Broadway production. In 1971, he began to appear on The Electric Company, where he worked in a TV show which was based on children learning programs.

 In 1976 the year of cancellation of The Electric Company, he thought that his career was in danger. The personal married life of Freeman was also disturbing too much. He started drinking a lot when he realized that his married life was going to be over. Unfortunately, they got separated in 1979.

Hollywood Star:

His life started to move towards a great success when he was cast in a movie named Street Smart. He was selected for Oscar awards for the nomination of Best Supporting Actor. He had achieved more achievements just after two years. (modafinil online south africa) The best actor award was given to him. 

The year 1990, had proved to be the year of his high glory in his career. He was popular for his booming voice. He played naturally because of his commanding presence. Let’s discuss his best movies after knowing Morgan Freeman Biography

Top 10 movies of Morgan Freeman:

It is not an easy task to make a list of his best movies. A lot of characters are performed by Morgan Freeman. Picking the best ones will take a tough time to be listed up, let’s try.

Million Dollar Baby:

This movie was cast in the year 2004. Million Dollar Baby can explain all the personal or serious aspects that a viewer could expect from a movie. The performance of Morgan Freeman and Hilary Swank was superb in the history of Hollywood.

The Shawshank Redemption:

This movie can be seen easily on cable no matter whether you want to watch it day or night as its availability is possible all the time. It was made up in 1994. It could be the best in Freeman.


In this movie (1992), Morgan Freeman acted as a longtime and loyal friend. It is filled with some other brilliant actors like Richard Harris, Gene Hackman, and Clint Eastwood. 


This movie was produced in 1995. The first time, the viewers could see Freeman as a serious actor. The role was given to him as a leader. 


It was the most powerful movie. The role of Morgan Freeman was so critical in it. He put all of his struggle or effort to perform the best in Glory (1989).

Batman Begins:

The role of Freeman was as Lucius Fox. It was done in 2005.

Street Smart:

It was also a favorite of his own. It was released in 1987, the start of Freeman’s success.

Driving Miss Daisy:

Freeman was awarded as the best actor because of this film made up in 1989.


This movie released in 2009 became the reason for Oscar nomination for many actors including Freeman. 

Robin Hood: Prince of thieves:

This film was a big deal produced in 1991. It is full of amazing performances.

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