Masakali TV Series Characters Real Names with photographs

Masakali TV Series
Masakali TV Series

Masakali TV series characters real names with photographs information and details has been provided here. Masakali TV serial was number one entertainment drama series which was broadcast on Sahara One TV channel. It was directed by Pratik Shah and written by Amitabh Singh Ramkshastra. Masakali was first premiered on Sahara One on 31st March, 2014 and went off aired from Sahara One on January 30, 2015.

Brief Information and Details on Masakali TV Serial

  • First episode: 31st March, 2014
  • Last episode: January 30, 2015
  • Broadcast on: Sahara One
  • Produced by: Showman International
  • Director: Pratik Shah
  • Writers: Ramkshatra and Amitabh Singh
  • Total numbers of seasons: One

Masakali Tv Series Characters Real Names with photographs.

Chandani aka Nisha NagpalChandani real name is Nisha Nagpal

Vinod Goyal aka Madan TyagiVinod Goyal real name is Madan Tyagi

Bhua aka Mugdha ShahBhua real name is Mugdha Shah

Nandu aka Sunil MalikNandu real name is Sunil Malik

Palki Sharma aka Bharati SharmaPalki Sharma real name is Bharati Sharma.

Roshni aka Rahila RehmanRoshni real name is Rahila Rehman

Vishal real name is Vishal Vinatre
R. N. Goyal real name is Zafar Ali

Which is your favourite character in the TV serial Masakali? Nisha Nagpal is playing the role of Chandani, Vishal Vinatre is playing the role of Vishal and Zafar Ali is playing the role of R. N. Goyal.

How to Watch All Episodes of Masakali TV Series Online

To watch old episodes / all episodes of Masakali TV serial online in HD quality (free), then please visit the official website of Sahara One. Alternatively, you should visit the official YouTube channel of Sahara One.

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Article Title: Masakali TV Series Characters Real Names with photographs
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