Main Key values for Different Kinds of Relationships

Kinds of Relationships

To build a successful relationship, you need to take into consideration several factors. You have to trust your partner to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Also, you need to share common core values if you desire to be in a lasting one. It is common for people to want to feel and share the love. This trait makes people want to get into relationships hoping that they would turn into something special. Let’s see the main key values for different kinds of relationships.

Where to Find a Partner for interests?

Online dating has made life easier for people who want to jump into a polyamorous or open relationship. If you are a couple looking for female dates in your area, all you have to do is find a reputable site. 

Reliable couple dating sites have thousands of women looking for couples. You can browse through profiles of hot girls seeking some fun and contact anyone who you fancy. Top-rates websites have multiple communication channels that you can use to start a conversation with someone you are interested in. 

Reputable dating platforms have a matching algorithm that helps couples find local singles with similar interests and sexual tastes. And if you need tips, you can always find them online.

What Does It Mean to Be Polyamorous and in Open Relationships?


Polyamorous is the practice of simultaneously engaging in more than one romantic relationship with the consent of everyone involved. There are different types tho. They include:

  • Hierarchical polyamory: In this type, two people will take each other as their main partner. Any other partners will be secondary partners. 
  • Egalitarian or non-hierarchical polyamory: This is the same as hierarchical polyamory, except that everyone involved is treated equally. 
  • Solo polyamory: This one is different from the ones above since it is centered on the individual, not potential or pre-existing partnership. Solo poly people are not ready to settle down, and they treat their sexual or romantic partners equally. 

Open Relationship

An open relationship refers to having multiple romantic or sexual partners at a time. It is an arrangement in which both parties agree is non-monogamous or non-exclusive. As both or one partners engage in sexual or romantic activities outside the relationship, the agreement aspect of the arrangement is key. An open type is often built around one couple. 

Also, the term open relationship indicates that the couple might at some point decide to be closed. That means the couple was monogamous before and could choose to do it again in the future. In this type, couples can open and close it from time to time. Essentially, this depends on what is happening in their lives.

Couples in an open relationship can engage in sex with other people separately or together. They could also be open to both options. While there are no standard rules, most couples have arrangements concerning different sexual practices, such as safe sex. 

Most couples are happy to see their partner having sex with other people; however, they are often opposed to their partner forming romantic connections outside their relationship. 

Difference Between Open Relationships and Polyamory

The main difference between an open relationship and polyamory is romantic love. An open one is centered towards having one core romantic with multiple sexual partners.

Polyamory, on the other hand, focuses on having emotionally engaged and supportive relationships with more than one person, often simultaneously. 

Another notable difference is the majority of polyamorous relationships are not structured around core couples. Except for hierarchical polyamory, many polyamorous relationships involve an interconnected network of romantic and sexual partners. 

Three Key Values for Open or Polyamorous Relationships

These two types of relationships emphasizetrust, communication, and respect. No one should withhold any information. Open communication is crucial in these two, especially when trying something new. 

All the parties involved in open and polyamorous relationships must also respect each other for it to work.

Main Tips For Couple Looking for Female

  • Find the right website that caters to couples seeking female dates
  • Sell yourself by highlighting what you are seeking in your profile
  • Be positive and open-minded
  • Clear communication is crucial

Couples looking for a female can use these tips to spice up their relationship. 

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