Lapataganj Characters Real Names with Photographs

Mukundilal Gupta aka Rohitash Gaud

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Brief Information and details on Lapataganj

  • First episode: 26th October, 2009
  • Last episode: 15th August, 2014
  • Total number of seasons: Two
  • Directors: Dan Kala Singh, Dharma Verma and Madhumita Chatterjee
  • Writers: Ashwni Dhir, Avnita Chatterjee, Amit Senchoudhary, Deepanwita Chatterjee and Amit Aryan.
  • Editors: Rupa Ganguly, Prithi & Sourav Shan Chatterjee and Kamlendu Ganguly

Lapataganj Characters Real Names with Photographs

Mukundilal Gupta aka Rohitash GaudMukundilal Sughandhilal Gupta real name is Rohitash Gaud
Sughandhilal Durgandhilal Gupta real name is Rohitash Gaud

Indumati Gupta aka Sucheta KhannaIndumati Mukundilal Gupta real name is Sucheta Khanna

Kachua Prasad aka Vineet KumarKachua Prasad real name is Vineet Kumar

Mishri Mausi aka Shubhangi GokhaleMishri Mausi real name is Shubhangi Gokhale

Pappu Pandey a.k.a. Biji Pandey / Eji Pandey real name is Abbas Khan
Surili Pappu Pandey real name is Preeti Amin
Surili Pappu Pandey real name is Aditi Tailang
Chotu a.k.a. Mama real name is Anup Upadhyay
Tillu real name is Dhruv Bhavsar.
Chameli real name is Kajal Nishad
Elizabeth Yadav a.k.a. Alija Tailor real name is Krishna Bhatt
Lallan Vajpayee real name is Rakesh Srivastav
Bindumati Lallan Vajpayee a.k.a. Bindu real name is Mamta Gurnani / Unknown
Suttilal / Puttilal real name is Sunil Kumar
Mircha real name is Soma Rathod
Chukundilal Mukundial Gupta real name is Sanjay Chaudhary / Unknown
Bhagyalakshmi Mukundilal Gupta
Salima real name is Tapasya Nayak.
Guddu real name is Ashutosh Sinha
Mirza Tayyab Acche a.k.a. Mirza Chacha real name is Atul Srivastava
Sindhumati Lal Singh real name is Bharti Achrekar
Lalaji real name is Sukesh Anand
Dolly real name is Trishikha Tripathi
Miss Mary real name is Shilpa Sindhe
Vineet Raina.

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Article last re-published on October 27, 2018.

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