Lady Gaga Fans Guess the Song ‘Fun Tonight’ Is About Ex Christian

Lady Gaga fans think ‘Fun Tonight’ is about ex Christian Carino

Singer Lady Gaga is giving us all details about how much she is excited about her new album called Chromatica. She also revealed that the album has a lot to do with her past relationships. Fans soon start guessing what her songs mean and one string that strikes the chord is ‘Fun Tonight’.

As soon as the singer’s new album dropped, the Lady Gaga fans aka Little Monsters have taken to Twitter to discuss and speculate all about her new song. Most of them are guessing that ‘Fun Tonight’ is all about her ex-fiancé Christian Carino.

What are the Little Monsters guessing?

Two lines from the song ‘Fun Tonight’ has made the Lady Gaga fans think that she dedicates the song to Christian Carino. The lyrics go like this:

You love the paparazzi, love the fame / Even though it causes me pain

I feel like I’m in a prison hell / Stick my hands through the steel bars and yell

As per reports, Lady Gaga revealed that her song Fun Tonight is a candid experience that makes her look back at all the struggles she has been through. From her depression to her mental illness, a lot of it relates with the song.

After she said so, her fans were clearer about what the lyrics interprets. They consider it as a dig against her ex who she got engaged to in October 2018. The pair reportedly called off their engagement in February 2019.

Here are some of the Tweets by Lady Gaga fans

Well, we don’t know what exactly her song or the album is about. But we can guess that there is a lot of love she’s talking about. The singer seems to pour her heart out and that’s what making all the fans go gaga over it! Fans are hailing the Chromatica album and it is supposedly going to be the best pop albums of years. This is definitely one of the singer’s greatest accomplishments that’s on its way to take her to new heights already.

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