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Label Creator

Highly qualified branding will help your product stand out. Our label creator is a free online tool that lets you design any sticker for your brand or product. The application offers free professional templates and other technical tools for an easy and fast layout design process.

Succeed with the Online label Creator

You’ve developed a product you’re delighted with, and now, it’s time to design a sign for it that will catch shoppers’ attention.

It’s easy to create an amazing brand identity using a simple and convenient online label generator. With only a few clicks, you can pick hundreds of professional designs, modify fonts, photos, colors, and illustrations, and generate stickers. Or upload your images and logos to create a label to match your style.

With us, you will find the blueprint for every taste: from icons for wedding souvenirs to wine labels and price tags. You can also always set the desired dimensions and create a pattern from scratch.

How to Make a Label

It is possible to start creating a label from scratch, but why? Hundreds of ready formats created by professional graphic designers are available in the simple online constructor.

You can use hundreds of professional layouts or start from scratch:

  • Choose style.
  • Add text or product name.
  • Customize: use the drag and drop feature to add colors, lettering, visuals, and other details.
  • Once completed, download the finished blueprint in any printable format (JPEG, PNG, or PDF) with one click.

Alternatively, you can use Shared View to distribute it to your colleagues to view and edit.

More than a Sketch Maker

To emphasize the brand’s corporate identity or the author’s visual approach, you must slightly change the shades or completely replace all of the colors and lettering. Upload the logo, resize it, and move it to another area to make the label look spectacular.

Using our free design tool, you can fashion and edit icons with colors, photos, text, and more.

The brand maker software allows uploading personal details such as logos, fonts, etc. so you can align your conception with your company’s corporate identity. This ensures that both returning and new customers will distinguish your product from competitors.

The online sketch creator includes millions of design resources and elements to build a personal brand. With multiple pictures and vectors to choose from, your labels will always be one-of-a-kind.

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