Khichdi TV Serial Cast Real Names with Photographs

Khichdi TV Serial
Khichdi TV Serial

Khichdi TV Serial Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details given here. Khichdi was one of the most popular TV series in India. It was first aired on 10th September, 2002. In this TV serial story, a Gujarati family is living together. Some members are modern and some are old desi styles. This TV serial is running since many years due to its popularity.

Brief Information and Details on Khichdi TV Serial

  • First episode: 10th September, 2002
  • Total numbers of episodes broadcast: 98
  • Produced by: Aatish Kapadia and J.D. Majethia.
  • Director: Aatish Kapadia
  • Writer: Aatish Kapadia
  • Broadcast on: Star Plus

List of all characters in Khichdi TV series with their original names and photographs.

Tulsidas Parekh aka Anang DesaiTulsidas Parekh real name is Anang Desai

Praful Parekh aka Rajeev MehtaPraful Parekh real name is Rajeev Mehta

Hansa Parekh aka Supriya PathakHansa Parekh real name is Supriya Pathak

Jayshree Parekh aka Vandana PathakJayshree Parekh real name is Vandana Pathak

Chakki Parekh aka Richa BhadraChakki Parekh real name is Richa Bhadra

Jacky Parekh aka Yash MittalJacky Parekh real name is Yash Mittal.

Badi Maa aka Lily PatelBadi Maa real name is Lily Patel

Badi Maa aka Dina PathakBadi Maa real name is Dina Pathak

Raju Parekh real name is Amit Varma
Melissa Parekh real name is Tina Parekh
Heera Parekh real name is Arya Rawal
Madhuri real name is Sweety Nayak
Mira Parekh real name is Ami Trivedi.
Bhavesh Kumar real name is Kamlesh Oza
Mr. Mehta real name is Dinyar Contractor
Himanshu Seth real name is Jamnadas Majethia
Parminder Singh (I) real name is Gireesh Sahedev
Parminder (II) real name is Seema Pandey
Parminder (III) real name is Damandeep Singh Baggan
Parminder (IV) real name is Anokhi Srivastava
Jignesh real name is Aatish Kapadia.

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Article Title: Khichdi TV Serial Cast Real Names with Photographs
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