Justin Bieber Denies Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Him

Justin Bieber Denies Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Him

Hollywood singing star Justin Bieber took to his social media account on June 21, 2020, to talk about allegations of sexual harassment against him. Back in 2014, the singer was accused of sexually assaulting a woman. He outright denies the claims after almost 5 years stating that the allegations were factually illogical. Bieber backed his statement with a couple of receipts and photos to prove his innocence.

He says that he has never publicly posted about such issues because he is pretty much used to petty accusations throughout his career. However, it was his team and wife who encouraged him to speak out this time. The claims of sexual assault were made by a woman who goes by the name of Danielle. It is alleged that Justin harassed her on March 9, 2014. It was on the same day that Justin gave a surprise performance at the Southwest Festival in Texas. According to the story that Danielle narrated, the popstar had called her to his room at the Four Seasons, Texas, Austin where he assaulted her.

In the recent array of Tweets posted by Bieber, he says that he does not care about rumors, but a case of sexual assault is not something he would take lightly. He says that he wanted to come out with his side of the story long back when he faced such terrible accusations. However, he thought he should not speak before he had gathered enough facts and information to justify his side. Otherwise, he feels that it would have been an insult to women and people who have been victims of assaults, and molestations. He respects their state of mind, and so had to wait for so long to gather all the valid details that he can expose publicly.

Tweets to prove that the allegations were false

In the series of tweets that followed, Justin Bieber mentions that he was with his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez on March 9, 2014. It is the same date that Danielle has mentioned in her complaint. He posted a picture with Selena proving that she was present with him during the concert being talked about.

In a clipping of a report that was covered by the US magazine, Justin Bieber was with Selena Gomez. He had dedicated a song to her at that concert too. Next, Bieber posted a couple of emails and receipts. These show that he never at all stayed at Four Seasons, Texas, Austin. Rather, he, along with Selena, and a few other friends were staying at an Airbnb rental. The next day, on March 10, they shifted to a Westin Hotel.

Bieber’s representatives were requested to state their opinion about the allegations, which they refused. Twitter has also taken down the account of Danielle, the alleged victim of the case. He ended the thread of tweets with a strong statement. Justin Bieber said that every case of sexual abuse is equally serious. So his opinion was much required. However, the allegations against him are not based on valid facts. So, he will collaborate with the authorities and Twitter to proceed with further legalities.

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