Jhansi Ki Rani TV Serial Cast Real Names with Images

Young Rani Lakshmibai aka Ulka Gupta

Jhansi Ki Rani TV Serial Cast Real Names with Images information and details has been provided here. Jhansi Ki Rani TV Serial was first premiered on 18th August, 2009 and went off air on 19th June, 2011 after completion of 520 episodes. This TV serial was directed by Jitendra Srivastava and Dharmesh Shah under the banner of Cantiloe Telefilms.

So, let’s read brief information / details and cast real names including photographs.

Brief Information and Details on Jhansi Ki Rani TV Serial

  • First episode: 18th August, 2009
  • Last episode: 19th June, 2011
  • Total numbers of episodes broadcast: 520
  • Produced by: Abhimanyu Singh
  • Production House: Cantiloe Telefilms
  • Directors: Dharmesh Shah and Jitendra Srivastava.

Jhansi Ki Rani TV Serial Cast Real Names with Images

Young Rani Lakshmibai aka Ulka GuptaYoung Rani Lakshmibai/Manikarnika/Manu/Kaali real name is Ulka Gupta

Rani Lakshmibai aka Kratika SengarRani Lakshmibai / KrantiGuru / Rana Bakura real name is Kratika Sengar

King Gangadar Rao Newalkar aka Sameer DharmadhikariKing Gangadar Rao Newalkar real name is Sameer Dharmadhikari

Moropant Tambe aka Shailesh DatarMoropant Tambe real name is Shailesh Datar

Peshwa Baji Rao aka Ravindra MankaniPeshwa Baji Rao real name is Ravindra Mankani

Vahini Sahiba aka Aruna IraniVahini Sahiba real name is Aruna Irani

Tatya Tope aka Amit PachoriTatya Tope/ Kranti Guru 2 real name is Amit Pachori

Prachi aka Ashnoor Kaur Prachi real name is Ashnoor Kaur

Nana Sahib aka Puneet PanjwaniNana Sahib real name is Puneet Panjwani

Young Nana Sahib real name is Satyajeet Dube
Young Nana Sahib real name is Shaheer Sheikh
Narsinghrao real name is Dinesh Kaushik
Raghunath Singh real name is Hemant Choudhary
Samar Singh real name is Siddharth Vasudev

Rao Dulaju real name is Sanjay Swaraj
Dhrupad real name is Dev Khubnani
Juhi real name is Praneeta Sahu
Heera Bai real name is Ashwini Kalsekar
Larai Sarkar of Orchha real name is Achint Kaur
Kunwar Yuvraj (Prince of Modh) real name is Sudhanshu Pandey
Ghulam Ghaus Khan real name is Manoj Kumar
Ganga real name is Benaf Dadachandji
Vishkanya real name is Soni Singh
Mandira real name is Minal Kapoor
Bhagirathi Tambe real name is Eva Grover

Karma real name is Puneet Vashist
Mangal Pandey real name is Aarav Chowdhary
Moti Bai real name is Garima Ajmani
Sakku Bai real name is Jaya Bhattacharya
Lachchu Bai real name is Amita Nangia
Jankibai real name is Susheela
Anand Rao / Damodar Rao real name is Priyam Ambalia
young Indu real name is Tanya Malji
Maina Bai real name is Surbhi Tiwari
Jhalkaribai / Rana Bankura real name is Ishita Vyas
Ali Bahadur real name is Tarun Khanna
Vadrayan real name is Vishnu Sharma
Vaaishali real name is Trishikha Tiwari

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